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Welcome to my Dallas Cowboys Tickets page! From this page you can shop for Dallas Cowboys tickets that are on sale at TicketCity.com. This part of my website was created as an example of how a TicketCity affiliate can utilize the XML Webservices to display tickets on their personal websites.

If you're here just looking for Cowboys tickets, then by all means click on one of the listed Dallas Cowboys games listed on the left. If you want to earn commissions for selling tickets on your website, then you'll need to start by creating an affiliate account at TicketCity.com.

If you've already got a TicketCity affiliate account and you know your API Key then you might be interested to know how I'm listing Dallas Cowboys games and tickets on my website. It's actually pretty easy if you have any internet programming experience. If not, you can always hire affordable developers on Craigslist.org or eLance.com that can whip you up a ticket broker site using the TicketCity API in no time. Considering the average sale that occurs on TicketCity is around $500, you can earn some serious commissions with a little promotional effort.

This part is for web developers. This Dallas Cowboys Tickets section of my website utilizes PHP on Apache, with a little help from Mod_Rewrite, CURL, XSLT, Javascript & AJAX (via Yahoo's User Interface YUI). There are actually only 8 files found beneath the /dallas-cowboys-tickets/ directory.

  • index.php - handles most HTML processing for every ticket listing page.
  • transport.php - utilizes CURL in order to allow for cross-domain AJAX'ing to the TicketCity Webservices.
  • cart.php - handles all the HTML processing for the nifty AJAX enabled shopping cart. It calls on the cart.xsl file for output display.
  • cart.xsl - called from the cart.php page to structure the display for the nifty AJAX enabled shopping cart.
  • events.xsl - is called from the index.php file to structure the list of events (Dallas Cowboys Games in my example).
  • tickets.xsl - is called from the index.php file to structure the list of tickets (Dallas Cowboys tickets in my example).
  • empty.html - is referenced from an iframe in the AJAX enabled shopping cart, to prevent javascript errors (since iframes technically always need a valid src attribute).
  • .htaccess - used to define how to rewrite URL's, so we can get good SEO value on our page names.
I've put together a zip file with all the source code for my Dallas Cowboys Tickets section. Keep in mind that the source code was created just as a simple and basic example of how to display Tickets (Cowboys tickets) from TicketCity's Webservices. The source code may not be optimized for performance and may have bugs. I'm giving it away for free for educational purposes. Consider this code to only be a starting point for building a powerful ticket broker website and not the finish line!

Download the source code here
(Update: API has been deprecated; inquire TicketCity for updates.)

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