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Dallas Cowboys vs Minnesota Vikings

ok so the Cowboys got spanked by the Patriots last week, and T.O. got a little mocking sent his way with reporters munching down on popcorn during after game interviews. anyhow, you gotta admit that Romo only turned the ball over once which was impressive against a very tough Patriots defense. anyhow, my prediction, we’ll be seeing them or the Colts in the Super Bowl this year… and Dallas wins by 3.

but, this weekend, the Cowboys have to get past Adrian Peterson aka the Minnesota Vikings. sure AP had a stellar Sunday last week, but don’t for a second think he’s going to put up those numbers against Dallas. not going to happen, sorry. Even the guys over at the Fantasy Football Blog are expecting Owens and the Dallas Cowboys to put up big big numbers in the air against the Vikings weak pass defense.

Bocktoberfest 2007 Cancelled

the last couple of years i really enjoyed going down to Shiner Texas in October for Bocktoberfest. the tickets were cheap the lineups were diverse and worth every penny of the price, and the crowds weren’t huuuuuge like ACL Fest. anyhow, the little brewery down in Shiner determined that they were just losing too much money to continue the concert… i told you the crowds weren’t ridiculous.

so look no further for the announcements of this years lineup or dates… Shiner didn’t do a real good job of getting the word out, so hopefully if you were searching for Bocktoberfest 2007, Bocktoberfest tickets, Bocktoberfest lineup or anything else related you found this post and now know that Bocktoberfest is done.

but hey… if you enjoy country music the Big State Festival is this weekend in Bryan-College Station… hopefully it turns out to be a nice annual gathering. the lineup is pretty good for the price of tickets… 2 days worth of music! at work, we’re actually selling tickets below face value >> Big State Festival Tickets

Patriots vs Cowboys

this weekend’s big game will have a lot of football fans, especially Cowboys fans and Patriots fans watching the big game in Iriving. i’m so hoping the Cowboys can pull off an upset win. it’s been a long time since the Cowboys have had a team that looks like they’re able to make it to the Super Bowl… and this year they’re looking that way.

a lot of fantasy football’ers have a lot riding on this game too… the big question… are players like Romo, Owens, Barber and Witten going to be able to put up the stellar offensive points that they’ve been managing against much weaker opponents? on the flip side, can the Dallas defense slow down the highest powered offense in Brady, Moss, Maroney, Stallworth & Welker? maybe the guys at fantasy football blog have some ideas! for me… i’m sticking with Romo as a starter even after last week’s turnover fest (i hope he’s got that out of his system)

i really would like to go to Sundays game… but I’m headed to the Big State Festival… decisions decisions 🙂

have a good weekend!

ASP.NET FIX FOR “The serialized data is invalid” ERROR developers… have you fallen victim to the dastardly error “The serialized data is invalid“? have you like me tried to reproduce the error during testing only to come up empty handed? well hopefully my latest ASP.Net discovery will help you rid yourself of this pain-in-the-neck bug.

i was recieving this error on a website too frequently to ignore. it appeared that most of the user-agents that were tripping the error were FireFox browsers, with some Opera browsers thrown in for good measure and it wouldn’t be a website bug without a couple of IE’s mixing it up too. however, user-agent was the wrong thing for me to be looking at… it reall boiled down to internet connection speed. yes indeed, dial up users are the best users of all… if you’re trying to code to the nth degree for page load times… who needs rich media anyhow 🙂

(need a >> dialup emulator)

when users perform a post-back and the page is not fully loaded (including all of’s javascript overhead junk) guess what… “The serialized data is invalid” ouch… this is hard to reproduce when you are connecting to your site on a blazing fast modern broadband connection (i like rich media) or locally on a dev box… because the page is inherently going to load so fast that you won’t have time to click a button, drop down menu or whatever other control on your web page that might post back.

pre-loaders. you know… the kind of “please wait while the page loads” screens you see when you search almost any serious airfare site (expedia, travlocity, orbitz). pre-loaders prevent users from doing anything until the entire page loads. however, this may add a percieved slowness to your site. i personally don’t mind them… i mean it’s great that google can search 800000000000 billion pages in 1 second… but they also have more invested in data caching and indexing than that most businesses (minus oil companies) could imagine ever getting to spend.

so there you go… when i started looking for the cause of “The serialized data is invalid” i found a lot of chat sites and forums where people where asking and not getting answers…and i’d love to go spread the word, but perhaps the search engines will be so kind to bring anybody searching for “The serialized data is invalid” to this little post… and hopefully this does indeed resolve your issue as it has mine. cause i sure didn’t find it on or the msdn or (the website)

by the way, does this look familiar:

STACKTRACE: at System.Web.UI.ObjectStateFormatter.Deserialize(Stream inputStream) at System.Web.UI.ObjectStateFormatter.Deserialize(String inputString) at System.Web.UI.ObjectStateFormatter.System.Web.UI.IStateFormatter.Deserialize(String serializedState) at System.Web.UI.Util.DeserializeWithAssert(IStateFormatter formatter, String serializedState) at System.Web.UI.SessionPageStatePersister.Load()


Forbes 400 Wealthiest Americans 2007

i just narrowly missed the list this year. to be on the list you had to at least be worth an estimated 1.3 billion dollars. i was shy by roughly 1.299999999 dollars. but i’m working hard to make it on next years list… i’ve just got to find a 2 billion dollar lottery i can win.

throwing out some names… Donald Trump is worth $3 Billion. Michael Bloomberg “doubled” his last year holdings of $5+ billion into $11+ billion sheesh… also, the google founders Page & Brin, are now each worth $18+ billion bucks. Warren Buffet “THE man” is still #2 with his measley $52 billion… and if you have to ask who #1 is… umm… are you living in a cave really??

enjoy your weekend… you poor bums! i know this poor boy will!! hook’em horns!

Head to Head Fantasy Football vs Total Points Fantasy Football

i have to point this out for all you fantasy footballers out there. i’m certainly not a fantasy football expert, i’ve only been playing for 4 or 5 years now, but i’ve cashed every year i’ve played (that’s gotta stand for something). the leagues i played in were ran by a true expert, james from the, who has played and plays it all kinds of ways. anyhow, those particular leagues determined a winner off total points earned at the end of the season. there were no head to head matchups or playoffs. i for one prefer that style over the head to head matchups… and not because i’m losing. in fact, so far, i’m 1-0 in both my leagues this year which are head to head format. i just gotta say that while watching and tracking football this past weekend i didn’t care as much about all the games. just my guys games and my opponents players games. that kinda sux… this year i don’t care as much if plaxico puts up 6 td’s a game so long as i’m not matched up against him this week. also… i feel the luck factor becomes a bigger piece of the game. for example… if several of my players are matched up horribly (in real life nfl games) and my fantasy football opponent’s players have great matchups… what am i to do… i can only substitute so much to peak out my projected point earnings… and i can’t prepare my draft for a schedule (against the other fantasy football teams) unless i have an idea of who they’re going to have and when i play them. maybe that’s where a keeper league would be better suited for head to head matchups in fantasy football.

sorry for the rant.. i was just going to email this to james, at, and figured i’d share it with all you who might feel the same way… or think i’m just dumb… either way maybe james will take a poll and see what most fantasy football coaches prefer… my vote… total points over head to head.

so check out for real >> fantasy football advice, news and everthing else fantasy football

ACL Tickets

2 days until ACL 2007 kicks off. the weather isn’t looking too bad, it should be cooler than previous years… but has potential of being a wet one in the evenings which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

this morning i was listening to dudley and bob (and their crew) and they actually had an intern kiss a dog’s pooper-hole for free acl tickets… sick… i mean the show should be good, but i dunno about all that. i woulda just shelled out the clams for some acl tickets… we’ve got some at work >> acl tickets

AJAX Windows (an AJAX based OS)

for the proggers out there… AJAX based OS??? alrighty then… so i read about this company, Ajax13, who has developed an OS that runs inside your browser, which of course runs on the OS installed on your hardware. strange concept… but worthy of some playing around with. unfortunately when i went to check it out and register for an account is being overloaded (so don’t expect a link from here, i don’t want to contribute to their woes).. i think you know how to get to them anyways and if you don’t then you’ve read way too much in this blogging… go back to youtube.

here’s the article i caught about Ajax Windows >>

and if you want to keep up on cnet’s articles i HIGHLY RECOMMEND the >> CNET Google toolbar button

Flight of the Conchords DVD

there seems to be a lot of people looking for a Flight of the Conchords DVD… and they’re winding up on my blog. i suppose since i blogged about them way back when i saw their first HBO special and linked off some mp3’s from that special… and then later pointed out that HBO picked them up for a 12 episode series for Sunday night… Google has been sending searchers my way.

the only thing is i don’t really have anything referring to a FOTC DVD… well… now i do… thanks to i’m proud to pass you along to them… they can hopefully satisfy your Flight of the Conchords DVD fix >>