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Applie iPhone – ipod + phone + internet + you name it!

hot off the internet… the talk is done… the real deal has arrived… and for a tech geek, even if you’re not completely into Apple products, you gotta be thinking the iPhone could be a killer! too bad these things didnt make this years xmas shopping season… perhaps will be seeing them soon enough in the local Cingular store.

>> here is a full article and several pics of Steve Jobs announcing the iPhone

from: iPhone prototype - ipod meets telephone to this: the real iPhone

Summer 2006 Truly is Over

sadly i must let the summer of 2006 pass… the weather is turning down here in austin. hopefully this fall and winter we’ll get a lot of rain, because the lakes need it badly. we’ve starting getting a good share of rain today and the tempartures should continue to drop. i’m glad austin is a mild climate tho… it’s not usual to get snow down here (i’m told).

anyhow… i still had these on my cell phone i figured i’d share with you… one is a decent pic of my grandmas backyard shed in snyder texas… the others were from one of my moms backyard flower gardens:

grandmas shed

moms flower garden

moms flowers

moms flowers

Ferrari Pictures

i just discovered something kind of neat… neat for me anyhow: in the last 45 days i’ve received about 260 visitors per day from Yahoo Images for ‘Ferarri‘ & ‘Ferrari Pictures

they point to the image i posted long ago prior to going to bed… of course i was hoping (and still do) to some day be fortunate enough to actually own such a machine versus being limited to dreaming about driving one.

>> Ferrari 360

Roger Clemens Hooks’em for the Round Rock Express

Roger Clemens recovered from a shaky 1st inning where he started uneasy… with the record breaking crowd that showed up at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock to see the baseball superstar.

btw, Clemens won a College World Series with the Texas Longhorns in 1983… and yeah he’s had a lot of success in Major League Baseball (Google him for more).

the neatest thing about seeing him play for The Express was the intimate size of the field… and the huge respect the crowd had for him (Astros fans, Longhorn fans, and MLB superstar fans). it was worth every bit of the $10 per ticket; which btw were selling for $100+ online.

Thanks Roger… Thanks Nolan… Thanks Houston Astros… Thanks Dell… Thanks Round Rock!!

Roger Clemens winding up for the Round Rock Express

Roger Clemens Round Rock Express

Roger Clemens

Roger Clemens