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Xmas 2005 & New Year’s 2006

this is likely my last post for a while, since i’ll be traveling to visit family for Christmas. i’ve got a lot of news and goodies to share with everyone once i get back so stay tuned in :D.

in the meantime has anybody else noticed the Google Doodle going on with their logo?

be safe and have a great Christmas! for those of you who do not celebrate Christmas I hope you celebrate in some other way with your family and friends and have a great time as well.

in case I’m not back to posting before New Year’s… have fun, be safe and i’ll see you in 2006

Flight of the Conchords

i saw a short HBO stand-up/folk music comedy act last night that just cracked me up. there is a band called Flight of the Conchords comprised of 2 guys from New Zealand and they are absolutely hilarious.

What The Folk! is the closest thing to a homepage i could find for these guys. so for more band info be sure to check that site out.

here are songs from the HBO show… (my personal faves are “Business Time” & “Hiphopapotamus vs Rhymenocerous”)

Pandoras Music Box

thanks to casey for pointing out this neat site that creates an online radio of songs based on the DNA of music you already like. it’s not perfect but there is some huge potential. i’m always discovering artists and songs that i didn’t know about by chance… just imagine if u could find music based on the qualities that you enjoy. i think it’s a very interesting idea.

check it out >> Pandora’s Music Box

Web-based Video Ads

if anyone out there in the Austin Texas area needs a website video ad to showcase their products or services then you’ll be happy to know that the company i work for,, has begun to work with local videographers to provide online video ad creation. i think it’s a very cool approach to promoting your goods. afterall, we know how effective the TV commercial has been in the last 50 years and the TV infomercial in the last 20 years… so why not on your website too! go from text and pictures to video and audio.

visit for more info and pricing (pricing is cheap too!)

Stan Tookie Williams (Crip Gang Co-Founder) & the Death Penalty

have u heard of Stan Tookie? his final appeal of the California death penalty has been ruled against and his execution date is set for December 13th.

Tookie is/was a murderer there is no denial, however Tookie has undergone a seemingly radical and serious ‘Redemption‘ (the title of his autobiographical movie, starring Jamie Foxx). i recommend the movie, but don’t expect to see glorified violence (as in most gangster movies) but rather Tookie’s enormous influence and discovery of the mayhem he helped to set in motion… which effects American society today.

various people are pulling together to get California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to stop the execution. >>

i have to say that Tookie’s situation is unique in many ways and certainly brings up some very interesting ideas with regards to the Death Penalty.

for more inforamation about Stan Tookie << click there

Man Versus Vegas

have u seen Man vs. Vegas… it’s insanely cool. this guy, Darren, apparently lost several million dollars in the late 90’s and has decided to take his last 1 million and share the wealth playing high stakes games with whoever is around and willing to play with him. i saw where he got a group of ladies playing penny slots and took them over to the $100 slot machines and gave them each $500 but they had to spin the machine 5 times ($100 each spin) and they would all split the total winnings… they ended up with a few hunderd dollars profit after all the spins… but Darren decided to give each of them a little extra!! how cool is that… i hope i bump into this guy on my next trip to Vegas.

check it out it’s on CMT >> Man vs. Vegas

Gas Prices Are Going Down Finally

i like it i love it i want some more of it… it being lower gas prices!!

down here in Round Rock, Texas gas prices are currently about $2.15 a gallon for regular unleaded. last week when i filled up my guzzling truck i actually treated myself to super unleaded (since it was cheaper than lower octane gas i’ve been buying for the last 4 months).

now if prices will drop another BUCK then prices will be where they need to be… i know the oil companies will survive:


Save the McRib… for me please

ok, i heard the other day that this is the last year that Mc Donald’s will be selling the seasonal Mc Rib sandwich. well… the mcrib, beleive it or not is something i look forward to during the off season.. something bout the sauce (some kind of drug in that stuff or something).

so mc donalds has an online petition that can be signed with simply your first name last initial… NO EMAIL NEEDED!!!

so, i ask for a minute of your time… head over to and click “Save the McRib” and plug in your name… FOR ME… the addict!!!

mcrib farewell my hind end… i’m sure mcd’s just wants to rile me up (and get me to eat twice as many mcribs as i usually do this time of year)… but just to be safe… please… submit to the petition!

Broken Waterline at Apartment

a few weeks back a water line busted in like 3 places in my apartments parking lot. i got some pictures with my phone… my fave was the water fall over stairs going down towards somebodys front porch. the water flowed down through the complex like a river… and luckily i don’t think anyones apartment was damaged.

btw i need a good plugin for inserting images into my posts… anyone have a suggested plugin??

Sony Ericsson z500a – PC Data Cable, Free Software Downloads, USB Connectivity Problems

as i’ve mentioned before my latest cell phone has camera and video recording capabilities. it’s a Sony Ericsson z500a. i ordered an $9 USB cable so that I can download/upload media (pics, vids, mp3’s, etc). i have a small complaint… it took way too long to get connected. i downloaded a couple of free applications from Sony Ericsson (File Manager & Sound Editor) and figured that installed that software would be all I needed… and of course i was wrong. i had already installed (thought I did) the USB driver info that came on a CD with the cable i ordered. but nothing seemed to indicate a connection to my phone. so… for all those who may have similar problems (and for my own archival purposes) here are the steps necessary (for me anyhow) to connect my phone to my PC (WinXP).

Items Needed: 1 DCU-11 Data Cable

Software Needed:
File Manager
Mobile Phone Monitor
– USB Driver that comes with your USB cable (DCU-11)

1. Install Mobile Phone Monitor
2. Install File Manager
3. Install USB driver (should come with your USB cable)
4. Make sure MPM (Mobile Phone Monitor) is installed. – Check for existence of “Phone Monitor Options” in the Control Panel (Windows).
5. Make sure the correct COM ports are activated!
– Go in the Control Panel -> “Phone Monitor Options” -> “Com Ports” (tab). There, you will find a list of COM ports available on the computer. Choose the COM port on which your phone is connected, and press the “Enable” button.
– If you don’t know which COM port the phone is connected on, you can find out as follows. If you use:
Serial Cable: Check the label on the port you plugged the cable in. It should be marked “Com 1” or “Com 2”, usually PCs don’t have more then 2 COM ports, so chances are it’s either 1 or 2
USB Cable: Check in the device manager (Windows) which COM port is used for the serial port emulation. (Look under “ports”)
Infrared: There is own applet in Control Panel for infrared. COM port used by IR is reported there. It is very often COM 2…
BlueTooth: When you open a “Serial Port” connection to the phone, the COM port used will be reported to you.

that’s all i got for you… seems simple enough right… well enjoy cause it took me a while to get it right. i hope this helps.

enjoy your phone… i’ll be enjoying mine.

btw, i’ve linked to pages that should lead to the needed files, however for my sake i’ve archived my files on my server. so, if u are having trouble finding the files u can try mine (they may not be the most recent versions by the time u download them… but better than nothing).

sorry, but i’ve removed the files from my server, since becoming an iPhone owner i don’t personally have use for the files and hopefully the links i’ve provided via Sony Ericsson well help you out!