Broken Waterline at Apartment

a few weeks back a water line busted in like 3 places in my apartments parking lot. i got some pictures with my phone… my fave was the water fall over stairs going down towards somebodys front porch. the water flowed down through the complex like a river… and luckily i don’t think anyones apartment was damaged.

btw i need a good plugin for inserting images into my posts… anyone have a suggested plugin??

4 thoughts on “Broken Waterline at Apartment

  1. Dude, I remember several years ago I came home for lunch and there was water running THROUGH the wall, like seeping out of it, at my appartment. I lived upstairs, and some point after leaving for work, the bottom of our water heater BROKE OFF, so water had been running inside my appartment unabated for several hours. I had several inches all over my appartment, and it had started coming out of the walls. The guy below me was in even worse shape, his whole ceiling came down and ruined all his stuff. It sucked bad. Luckily I didn’t own much back then, so nothing of importance was damaged.

  2. wow… that would have sucked… especially for the guy beneath you. makes renters insurance sound better and better.

  3. got to love apartments… hey at least we don’t have to pay for things like that eh? haha… makes it a little easier to endure.

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