Save the McRib… for me please

ok, i heard the other day that this is the last year that Mc Donald’s will be selling the seasonal Mc Rib sandwich. well… the mcrib, beleive it or not is something i look forward to during the off season.. something bout the sauce (some kind of drug in that stuff or something).

so mc donalds has an online petition that can be signed with simply your first name last initial… NO EMAIL NEEDED!!!

so, i ask for a minute of your time… head over to and click “Save the McRib” and plug in your name… FOR ME… the addict!!!

mcrib farewell my hind end… i’m sure mcd’s just wants to rile me up (and get me to eat twice as many mcribs as i usually do this time of year)… but just to be safe… please… submit to the petition!

2 thoughts on “Save the McRib… for me please

  1. benny sorry i deleted your comment… thanks for petitioning for me tho!! i deleted it trying to clean up spam… f’n spammers!

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