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Google can crawl Javascript

Micro$oft might be spending $100,000,000 dollars to convince you that they have developed a better search engine than Google, but Google’s I/O conference stirred up some conversations about the ability of Googlebot to crawl JavaScript. That’s a tremendous step forward for search engines. If it’s true it’s also a serious game changing feature; one that should shush those (like myself) who’ve been saying that Google has been neglecting it’s search engine and focusing too much on all the other stuff they’ve been building, buying and giving away. So, it seems that yes Google can and does crawl JavaScript.

Here are some articles that SEO experts should check out.. and you’ll get a whiff of how important JavaScript crawling is:

Google Lengthens Snippets, But The Meta Description Still Important

So recently Google officially released longer snippets on search results. There has been some chatter about this depreciating the value of the meta description. I have to play spoiler here and say I disagree.

The extended snippet stuff is great for long tail queries, like the many that I do when looking for programming information. Yet I don’t think it changes the importance of the meta description tag, especially for shorter search phrases.

Short snippets indicate tighter keyword proximity within the optimization of content; more precisely what the searcher is looking for. Longer snippets are only displayed when the keyword proximity is wider, therefore the content might not be precisely what the search is looking for, so that the searcher can better determine if the content on each page might have what they’re searching for.

Here’s some examples of tight keyword proximity within the content of the ranked pages, resulting in mostly short snippets:

“ response.cookie expiration”

“Austin rodeo tickets”

Here’s some examples of loose keyword proximity within the content of the ranked pages, resulting in many long snippets:

“ response.cookie expiration not working”

“can i watch the austin rodeo on tv”

So I stand by my opinion that body content and title tag are equally the best places to optimize for keywords and phrases to increase rankings, while the meta description is the best place to encourage a click through.

Google Maps – My Maps

google maps just got a lot cooler… imagine that. now you can create and share you’re own custom maps. this is going to be great for giving somebody custom directions. developers with the know-how should be able to integrate custom maps onto their site pretty easily. thanks again G!

take a test drive… here is a super cheesy map of >> my moring drive to work

Bad vs Good Google SEO

in the world of SEO you often have to choose whether or not to use only “good seo tactics” or to also utilize “bad seo tactics”

when i say good or bad… i mean tactics that are deemed acceptable and non-acceptable by the major search engines. Google would be at the top of that list.

just a couple of days ago BMW got caught by Goog for “cloaking”… rot row… that’s a “bad” tactic.

truth is… bad tactics work… until u get caught. sometimes they work extremely well and u can make a bundle of money… but once the well is dry… u have to cap it.

i can tell u this… i’d hate to be the BMW Webmaster right about now… u think his neck might be on the chopping block?? who knows maybe BMW was using a 3rd party for search engine optimization… think BMW isn’t going to try to sue the heck out of them (which they would probably lose)… but i’d still hate to be that 3rd party.

next time u are considering a tactic for seo be sure u r educated enough to know that what u are going to do is ‘good’ and ‘acceptable’ by the major search engines… and be sure that if u use a 3rd party that u bring up things like BMW getting banned from Google with your seo specialist and make it clear that u don’t want something like that happening to you (by any means of the specialist) and that u want it agreed to contractually. and believe me there are search engine optimization specialists, for example Austin SEO Company, that do look after their clients best interests in such matters.

Report Search Engine Spam to Yahoo, MSN and Google

a client that we do web hosting for was wanting to report a competitors spam tactics to the various major search engines (i call them the big 3… kinda like Ford,GM,Chrysler were once dubbed, but for the new online information age). anyhow, i figured i’d share these links with everyone in case you ever get an urge to tattle on your competitors for doing the things u want to do… but have to much respect for the online community or too much fear from being banned* to do yourselves.



MSN: You can do a search for each phrase the site is ranked on, and then click the link near the bottom of the page that says “Help us improve.” Or, you can submit via this form:

Google Sidebar

well if u haven’t heard about Google Talk < << read about it! but perhaps an overlooked new feature recently released from Google is an updated Google Desktop 2, which includes a Sidebar. so now u know that Google has released an instant messaging and VOIP (Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol)) client and also a new Google Sidebar

Web Design & Website Hosting in Austin (Search Engine Optimization)

i’ve got more good search engine optimization results to share. since i started working with SiteStreet in Austin, Texas i’ve been improving our search engine rankings. after a short 2 months we’ve done some big moving and shaking. for some very competitive and valuable search keywords we’ve gathered several 1st page listings, top 2 & 3 listings…. and my favorite of all… a few #1 listings.

i hope your seo is going good too… please share any success stories you have! if you need some help with search engine optimization let me know!

more from my boss >> Austin Search Engine Optimization

MSN Search – SEO goodness

i just wanted to share some cool insights about my recent simple website project… “website colors” i enhanced an existing script, for my own purposes, and then decided that others should get to benefit from it too. so i put together a very simple website (currently 1 page) and seo’d it (search engine optimize’d it). this wasn’t too long ago… but i’m already getting some nice traffic to the site. and my biggest search engine referrer……… not Google this time 🙂 not yet anyhow… it’s MSN. i gotta say MSN seems to be giving a little more credit/value to newer websites than Google and Yahoo! for new websites/webmasters that is some great insight to have. just a taste… i’m keeping the deeper insights to my discoveries to myself for now 🙂 but hey don’t dread if u need my help on a search enginge optimization project just let me know…

sample of some cool results on MSN for :

website colors < < ok... if i didn't get top spot on that one then something would just be wrong! webpage colors
color combonations << a number 2 spot for now... i can't complain i've got several other top 10's but u get the idea. ... good results on MSN... next up G&Y!