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i just wanted to share some cool insights about my recent simple website project… “website colors” i enhanced an existing script, for my own purposes, and then decided that others should get to benefit from it too. so i put together a very simple website (currently 1 page) and seo’d it (search engine optimize’d it). this wasn’t too long ago… but i’m already getting some nice traffic to the site. and my biggest search engine referrer……… not Google this time 🙂 not yet anyhow… it’s MSN. i gotta say MSN seems to be giving a little more credit/value to newer websites than Google and Yahoo! for new websites/webmasters that is some great insight to have. just a taste… i’m keeping the deeper insights to my discoveries to myself for now 🙂 but hey don’t dread if u need my help on a search enginge optimization project just let me know…

sample of some cool results on MSN for :

website colors < < ok... if i didn't get top spot on that one then something would just be wrong! webpage colors
color combonations << a number 2 spot for now... i can't complain i've got several other top 10's but u get the idea. ... good results on MSN... next up G&Y!

7 thoughts on “MSN Search – SEO goodness

  1. I have noticed as far as blogging goes – that Yahoo takes the lead. They are by far my biggest referrer, google ranks 3rd. I know that Yahoo hits and spiders my site(s) constantly due to fresh content on the blog (or at least that is what I’m thinking).

    Great work on Website Colors… now if you will just put some pop-unders, pop-ups and data pharming technology on it – you would be a millionaire hehe.


  2. right… masssive popup hell comes after sufficient traffic!!!

    hahaha… man i hope the se’s are either not smart enough to think i’d do that… or stupid enough to not tie these comments to my site! 🙂 nowadays u never know… give a company like google billions of dollars and all kinds of dangerous technology is born haha.

  3. what are round about numbers (lets say round to the nearest hundred or so) if you can divulge? per day? Just wondering how much it really is rollin with right now. I would assume it would be a fair amount. Email me if you don’t wanna comment about it on here.


  4. o i’ll tell you this… not a hundred a day… i wish… long ways off!

    when i say ‘nice traffic’ i mean relative to the keywords targeted… which don’t get searched a lot to begin with… but i’d guess within 1-2 months it should be up to 100 per day (at the current rate… pending a favorable Google update > coming soon)

  5. Gotcha – just wasn’t sure what you meant by traffic yet. I figured with your SEO goodies.. you were raking in 4-5 hundred plus. heh


  6. That is great! I really hate that Google take so long to like new sites, or even notice them. And for those types of phrases, that is great. They are fairly broad and still getting picked up on.

    I have recently had a bit of success with Yahoo! on a site I just launched. They were fast to grab this one. I’ll do a similar post on it.

  7. cool… yeah it’d be great to hear about any success u guys are having with sites for sure! small or big!

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