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some of you might remember what i was saying a year ago… “if you wish you could go back in time and buy Microsoft stock when it was cheap then just be ready to buy stock in Google when they go public” also “if you get Google stock.. it’s a long term HOLD… don’t sell… resist… it will pay off… it’s not a short term buy”

i wish i could say that i could have purchased the stock when they went public… unfortunately i had debt to deal with and was in an unstable financial environment… however, very soon i guarantee i will be purchasing as much as i can get my hands on… and not for a short term fix (the stock is going to flux, but it will continue to climb!)

let’s just hope that if Social Security isn’t around in 40 years that Google is 😀

3 thoughts on “Google Stock

  1. I wished that I could have bought some of the stock when it opened…but it was already too expensive for my blood at the time. With a new job, house, bills and bills…there was no way possible. But you never know what the future holds…maybe I’ll be buying in soon.


  2. Yes, I really kick myself in the #$% for not doing so, just like you said. And I knew you were right. Just being so unfamiliar with the whole thing, but I need to jump in and get my feet wet.

    I have been looking to sign up with one of the online trading houses. Do you recommend one. I have been trying to research them, really about all the fees. Still much I don’t understand.

    Also, do you thing that the stock is topped out? I mean, are there many stocks on the market worth over $200 bucks? I don’t recall ever seeing any.

    I guess that means it will eventually split and you would have double at half value. So after a stock splits, is it likely to climb again?

  3. look at microsoft, ebay, southwest airlines… splits are natural and don’t devalue a company at all… in fact most businesses that split climb in value and split again, as the companies i mentioned. so is google worth what it’s trading at… i’d say absolutely and if it splits great (twice the shares to own).

    my personal opinion is that google is dipping into the right cookie jars. i believe their commitment to ‘information technology’ surpasses any other organization in existence. maybe i’m wrong but i don’t think they are a one-hit wonder; basically cause everytime i turn around they have something sweet for me to ooh and aah over.

    as for online brokerage… for your real basic buy and sells just find out who has the cheapest rates going. right now i’d say is looking great ($7)

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