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Emails from Hell, Volume I: The Wrath of William Wyndell

i gotta tell ya about this book that a guy i work with authored… its really funny stuff! its a categorized collection of prank emails. they make you feel like they’re bogus… as if there couldn’t be anyone that could possibly believe the correspondence is serious.. but dave, the author assures me that the emails are completely legit. its crazy the way the emails go back and forth… its truly twisted comedy… makes me want to start a prank message up just so i can experience such humor first hand. but for now i’ll stick to reading “Emails from Hell, Volume I: The Wrath of William Wyndell

if i would’ve known about this gem earlier i would have posted for all those looking for an inexpensive christmas gift that the prankster in all of us can enjoy. but hey, it’s still worth the few bucks so get it for late gift, upcoming birthday or just for the heck of it!!

FREE High Quality Concert Recordings for Clapton, Hendrix, SRV, The Cars, Bon Jovi & MUCH MORE

i read an article about this guy who bought the rights to a bunch of musical memorabilia from Clear Channel. his score included master recordings for a lot of really cool concerts… going back to pre Jimi Hendrix and Led Zepplin all the way up to mid 80’s Eric Clapton. so the guy bought this stuff for several million and is selling most of it to collectors… but the really cool thing is… he’s streaming the concerts for free online!!!

i’ve been digging thos rare recordings… and you should too… there lots of artists and concerts to pick from… might i suggest SRV in Austin!

All Concerts at Wolfgangs Vault

Global Warming – Fact or Fiction (Unbiased Blog)

is global warming real? if global warming is real will it affect my generation or the next generation?

silly questions huh… if you’ve read this far you’re either bored or you know me personally and you’re wondering when i might inject “who cares” or just maybe you’re like me and don’t really know the answers and are at least a little bit curious as to the answers.

i’m by no means a “tree hugger” nor do i have anything against free enterprise and capitalism (i’m a 51% owner of a software corporation… and love it!) but lately im not so proud how we as Americans are dismissing so easily the claims that environmental scientist keep making in regards to global warming.

i consider myself very open-minded and i actually listen to the ideas of those i might disagree with in various areas… because you never know when you wil find common ground… or learn something that changes your mind (by the way… changing your mind about something isn’t the worst thing that could happen… it might just make you a better person sometimes!).

that being said… i saw the Al Gore movie “An Inconvenient Truth” the other day… it’s very fascinating. in fact i completely recommend that anybody who has read this far into this blog rent it and check it out. it starts slow and you think it’s going to be typical… but before you know it… you see the Planet Earth “breathe” you see how it is indeed as alive as all the creatures who inhabit it… its hard to describe. then you see/hear what scientist have been trying to get across for the last couple of decades. it’s not a doomsday movie, it’s not an anti-capitalism movie, it’s simply a movie with information that in my opinion is worth considering.

here is some info from the movie

A. i dunno… but for the first time in my life im ‘begining’ to think that there might very well be some serious merit to the claims… and it may affect our children (well yours… cause i don’t have any) and that is enough to raise my eyebrows!

Spurs vs Cavs

update 6/4/2007: it looks like these two will battle it out in the NBA Finals

i went to the Spurs vs Cavs game last friday… it was lotsa fun… even though my close-to-home team the Spurs lost. the seats were great, behind the basket (endcourt) 22 rows up. i didnt know if i’d like them, because i usually like being mid court (doesnt everybody?).. but i gotta say we could see the action on the other side just fine.. and the perspective when the action is coming at you is really really cool.

lebron james… sheesh this guy is awesome… he just takes over on the court.

if you havent been to an NBA game and dig basketball at all… you gotta go at least once… its a blast!

i recommend >> Spurs Tickets or Mavericks Tickets (for my nearby family and friends) for everybody else >> NBA Tickets

go Mavs!! has a new website

as some of you know i’ve been working very hard the last several months on a major re-creation of the website. i’m happy to announce that the new site is ALIVE!! we’ve built an architecture that will give us amazing scalability and increase time-to-market for new features big-time. our competitors i’m sure don’t have any clue what they’re up against, but i promise that they are up against the monster!! we’ve still got a lot of performance tuning and basic features to work in… so there are still going to be a ton of changes over the next 2 weeks… so if u think the site might be a little slow or missing some ‘basic’ features here and there… don’t think that we don’t know or have forgotten… we just felt confident that we had enough of the site solid enough to replace our old site.

i’d love to list out all the new features we’ve added… but for any onlooking competitors i’ll just let them take the time to look for themselves 🙂

anyhow.. i’m relieved, happy and looking forward to taking the site to the next level!!

Blue Man Group Tour

i finally saw the Blue Man Group here in Austin… now you gotta go check them out! i’ve wanted to check out their las vegas act for a while, but the last several times i’ve been i haven’t for one reason or the other… which reminds me… DON’T PAY TO SEE Le Reve at the WYNN… i got tickts for $45 each (usually $100) using a discount code… the seats were great… but the show was definitely not Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere quality (go see Mystere if you’re set on a Cirque du Soleil show). < < sorry for the rant... just trying to help you people save time and money. anyhow... go check out Blue Man Group... that is if you want some really rockin percussion heavy entertainment... mixed with some off-the-wall comedy. it's loud, it's colorful... it's a lot of fun! also, Tracy Bonham is touring with the group and picking up several of the vocal parts. she did a short opening act too... which was a very pleasant surprise. that girl can really play a violin... she jammed it out pretty good... my fave was when she cranked ac/dc's back in black (on violin of course, with some drums from the BMG guys). she played an interesting swing/country mix of Beyonces Crazy in Love... but the crowd fave was Mother Mother. all together a great show and with touring ticket prices appearing to be cheaper than vegas prices well worth checking out the touring act if you get a chance!

Bocktoberfest 2006 (Godsmack, Blue October, Pat Green & more)

last saturday, October 14th, i was out at Shiner’s Bocktoberfest… and had a blast! good food, good music and of course beer provided by Shiner’s own Spoetzl Brewery. this year was my 2nd time to go down and i’m predicting many more trips in the future. this year the lineup included Pat Green, Blue October and Godsmack. this year we got rained on just slightly during Pat Greens set, other than that the weather was very nice. come down next year and check it out… i promise it’s well worth the $40 ticket!!

o i do have to add this… getting in the gates this year was slower than it should have been… so if anyone that actually has anything to do with organizing Bocktoberfest is reading this… please have more gates and/or security personnel next year!! it wasn’t horrible, but it was less than ideal.

Summer 2006 Truly is Over

sadly i must let the summer of 2006 pass… the weather is turning down here in austin. hopefully this fall and winter we’ll get a lot of rain, because the lakes need it badly. we’ve starting getting a good share of rain today and the tempartures should continue to drop. i’m glad austin is a mild climate tho… it’s not usual to get snow down here (i’m told).

anyhow… i still had these on my cell phone i figured i’d share with you… one is a decent pic of my grandmas backyard shed in snyder texas… the others were from one of my moms backyard flower gardens:

grandmas shed

moms flower garden

moms flowers

moms flowers

ACL Fest (Austin City Limits Festival)

this past weekend i attended a pretty cool music festival in Austin Texas… the ACL Fest (Austin City Limits Festival). if you’ve seen the tv show on PBS you know how diverse the performers are. there have been some truly amazing studio performances and now that the festival has been running several years it is establishing itself as a truly ‘must see’ for concert enthusiast. this year the lineup included: Gnarls Barkley, The Raconteurs, John Mayer, Matisyahu, Willie Nelson, The Flaming Lips and more… with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers closing it out. (Full Lineup)

there was some rain over the weekend… but nothing that stopped the true fans from sticking it out. about 20 minutes into Tom Pettys set he had to shut down for about 40 minutes… but then came back and played an hour past when the show was supposed to wrap up.

Petty was good but… The Flaming Lips by far put on the best show!! i’m only sad that their set wasn’t longer and although it was at sunset a nighttime show would’ve been cooler. i could tell u some of the things they had going on: massive ballons, several santas and elves, aliens and astronauts, fake blood and tampons < < plenty of audience participation, confetti cannons and more... but u really needed to be there... or go there (check them out if and when u get a chance). remember when ACL Fest 2007 comes rolling around be sure to checkout for ACL Festival Tickets!

for pictures and setlists check out >> the daily wrap