Global Warming – Fact or Fiction (Unbiased Blog)

is global warming real? if global warming is real will it affect my generation or the next generation?

silly questions huh… if you’ve read this far you’re either bored or you know me personally and you’re wondering when i might inject “who cares” or just maybe you’re like me and don’t really know the answers and are at least a little bit curious as to the answers.

i’m by no means a “tree hugger” nor do i have anything against free enterprise and capitalism (i’m a 51% owner of a software corporation… and love it!) but lately im not so proud how we as Americans are dismissing so easily the claims that environmental scientist keep making in regards to global warming.

i consider myself very open-minded and i actually listen to the ideas of those i might disagree with in various areas… because you never know when you wil find common ground… or learn something that changes your mind (by the way… changing your mind about something isn’t the worst thing that could happen… it might just make you a better person sometimes!).

that being said… i saw the Al Gore movie “An Inconvenient Truth” the other day… it’s very fascinating. in fact i completely recommend that anybody who has read this far into this blog rent it and check it out. it starts slow and you think it’s going to be typical… but before you know it… you see the Planet Earth “breathe” you see how it is indeed as alive as all the creatures who inhabit it… its hard to describe. then you see/hear what scientist have been trying to get across for the last couple of decades. it’s not a doomsday movie, it’s not an anti-capitalism movie, it’s simply a movie with information that in my opinion is worth considering.

here is some info from the movie

A. i dunno… but for the first time in my life im ‘begining’ to think that there might very well be some serious merit to the claims… and it may affect our children (well yours… cause i don’t have any) and that is enough to raise my eyebrows!