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The Best New Things of 2020 (for me)

In the year 2020… well… there were some things that were good.

For the past several years, I’ve been keeping a list of the “best new things” I’ve personally discovered in each year. I just add things to the list on my iPhone’s Notes app throughout the year. Looking back on past lists always brings me a smile.

Whether or not you find my list interesting, perhaps you too might enjoy keeping a list of your own personal “best new things.”

Keep in mind, these are things that were new to me; not necessarily new to the world.

Ready or not, here’s My List of the Best New Things of 2020:

Have a Happy New Year and may 2021 bring you many wonderful new things.

Crayon Physics is a cool game

i just recently discovered this really neat game called Crayon Physics Deluxe. the object of the game is super simple, you basically draw objects that move a ball over, under and around obstacles towards a star. i saw this video clip for it and had to download the demo version to check it out.. it’s incredibly addictive!

anyways, this is a great game for smaller kids (and big ones like me too). there’s also an iPhone version of the game. so, here’s a clip of it.. and don’t worry you don’t need a tablet or touch screen, a regular computer mouse works just fine.

Free College Fantasy Football 2008-2009

that’s right, TicketCity has brought back their FREE college fantasy football leagues (powered by U-Sports). college football season is just around the corner. in fact i just got my EA SPORTS NCAA FOOTBALL 09 for XBOX the other day and it’s fun stuff! Not only are the TicketCity leagues free, but team managers are eligible to win $35,000 worth of prizes! that’s hard to beat… about as hard to beat as my team suckas 🙂


BBQ Blog

Summer is here, my sun burned forehead can testify. i’ve been without my bbq grill for a few months, since i caught it on fire, but not for long. i ordered a replacement grid and i can’t wait until it comes in. in fact, i’m also planning to go buy a new charcoal grill this weekend. my bro JJ, who is a master on the bbq grill, has been blogging about all things barbeque. he’s got some great bbq tips and how tos. so if you’re like me and a lover of bbq, but a relative dummy on the science be sure to check out his bbq blog.

Make St. Patricks Day an Official Holiday

In these exciting political times aren’t you up for some new legislation that just plain makes good sense?? Guinness is promoting Proposition 3-17 in an attempt to make St. Patricks day an official holiday.

Whether or not this holiday becomes official… I gotta admit.. St. Paddys day is one of my favorite days of the year. As of now they’re needing over 900,000 signatures. This may not be something you’re gung ho for.. but if you’re not against it please sign the petition as a favor for me 🙂 i promise if you need a petition signed and i’m not against the cause i’ll pay you back!!

So, Make St. Patricks Day an Official Holiday!!

Comedy Movie March Madness

yeah so it’s barely January and I’m already bringing up March… sorry… but i stumbled upon this cool little comedy movie March Madness bracket… while researching various College Basketball March Madness brackets… and wanted to share. from the movies listed my finals came down to “The Jerk” with Steve Martin and “Old School” with Wil Ferrell, Vince Vaughn & Luke Wilson. who won? i can’t pick it… i could watch either movie at almost any given point in time… if it’s on i’m probably not going to turn it off.

see what comedies you take to the final four >> Comedy Movie March Madness Bracket

Led Zeppelin – pettition for world tour 2008

the other day Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin reunited for their first performance together in a very very long time. i didn’t get to go (it was in England), but you know it rocked. well if you’re familiar with Led Zep’s music then you know it rocked. i realized since i’ve moved into digital music world that i didn’t have any Led Zepplin albums in my collection. so, i went to itunes and hooked myself up. i layed on my bed with dimmed lights, closed my eyes and listened to their debut album in a way i haven’t done in a long time. there’s not too many albums that i can close my eyes and listen to without falling asleep. but that’s the coolest thing about many Led Zeppelin’s records… they’re good from start to finish… not a single song i want to skip past.

now like so many fans, i hope Led Zeppelin annouces a world tour, so i can have a chance to hear so many great songs performed by their creators in person.

anyhow until Zep goes back on tour, if they go… if you haven’t jammed out to some Zep in a while (besides the occasional classic rock station 2 for tuesday or triple shot thursdays or whatever)… get their debut album (my fave) or any other album of theirs you favor and listen to it in it’s entirety, the way any really good album is intended to be heard.

or if you dislike LZ… i dunno maybe ‘buttered floor‘ vids on youtube are more your speed… have a nice day 🙂

Led Zeppelin

Unlcaimed Money in Texas

Texans, can you imagine being entitled to money or property that you aren’t even aware of… a friend, a family member or perhaps even you might have unclaimed money in Texas just waiting for you to claim it. it might be 2 dollars… or it might be 200 bucks or… well you can dream can’t you.. haha.

anyhow, i’ve never been one to scan through the long fine printed lists of names that the newspapers release from time to time… but my mom was telling me just yesterday that she got on to the Unclaimed Property Website of Texas and found money that cousin and stepfather owed. my cousins came from accounts her father had left behind, that nobody was aware of… and my stepdad had some money from an old job and some sort of credit account. nice! sadly nothing for me… sniffle sniffle. o yeah my mom also found a few hundred dollars that was owed to one of her friends… now that’s a good friend.

anyhow the website, unlike the unclaimed money lists that newspapers publish, is quick and easy to explore.

so, i suggest you at least spend a few minutes scanning cities and last names of your friends and family memebers and most importantly yourself 🙂

Find unclaimed money in Texas >>