Unlcaimed Money in Texas

Texans, can you imagine being entitled to money or property that you aren’t even aware of… a friend, a family member or perhaps even you might have unclaimed money in Texas just waiting for you to claim it. it might be 2 dollars… or it might be 200 bucks or… well you can dream can’t you.. haha.

anyhow, i’ve never been one to scan through the long fine printed lists of names that the newspapers release from time to time… but my mom was telling me just yesterday that she got on to the Unclaimed Property Website of Texas and found money that cousin and stepfather owed. my cousins came from accounts her father had left behind, that nobody was aware of… and my stepdad had some money from an old job and some sort of credit account. nice! sadly nothing for me… sniffle sniffle. o yeah my mom also found a few hundred dollars that was owed to one of her friends… now that’s a good friend.

anyhow the website, unlike the unclaimed money lists that newspapers publish, is quick and easy to explore.

so, i suggest you at least spend a few minutes scanning cities and last names of your friends and family memebers and most importantly yourself 🙂

Find unclaimed money in Texas >> https://txcpa.cpa.state.tx.us/up/Search.jsp