Rockies World Series Tickets

today the site that was handling the actual online-only distribution of World Series tickets for Rockies fans, and anybody else wanting to go to the World Series in Denver, WAS WORTHLESS… the site,, didn’t actually crash crash… but it did crawl, and timeout, and sputter for life as baseball fans tried to snag some World Series tickets.

for hours people have felt lucky enough to watch the ‘waiting room’ page refresh endlessly, every 60 seconds, while others only get a brief series of refreshes before being hit with a “page cannot be displayed” error. o yeah, fun way to ‘try’ and buy World Series tickets. something tells me that Paciolan, the company that runs EVENUE.NET is going to lose some future major event contracts… after this frustrating experience.

anyhow… if you want World Series Tickets you can buy them at TicketCity >> World Series Tickets.

granted, Ticket City does list World Series tickets above face value so you’ll be paying more than if you spend the rest of your day… and possibly tomorrow watching your page refresh in the ‘waiting room’ (do you really think that page is ever going to take you to another page that you can actually buy tickets on?? I DON’T!!!)

good luck.