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Slingbox SlingPlayer iPhone App is Available for $29.99

the much anticipated slingbox iphone app has been published in the itunes store. but somewhat to my suprise it’s not a free app for slingbox owners. it’s currently listed for $29.99. the iphone slingplayer is now the most expensive iphone app i’ve paid for; i guess in a few weeks or months i’ll know if it’s worth it, right now i’m not happy that i had to pay for it.

the bad: it only operates on wi-fi, no doubt an at&t restriction. as a u-verse cable customer, the app doesn’t have a remote feature for the “ok” button. there is an “enter” button which acts much like the “ok” button when typing in channel numbers, but the big problem is that when i connect to my u-verse cable box and it’s not active on you must hit the “ok” button to bring up the guide and/or channels. when you hit the “enter” key on the sling iphone app without a number it alerts you to select a valid number… no bueno (PROBLEM SOLVED, SEE UPDATE). the biggest bad is the price 🙁 it should’ve been free, or least a lot cheaper. i wouldn’t even complain if it was $4.99.

the good: video and audio quality are good. slick and intuitive interface.

funny thing is i just happened to discover the slingplayer iphone app was out on my own, but randomly logging into the app store on my iphone.. instead of being alerted by slingmedia.. why did i sign up for the email alert?? maybe it went into my spam folder.. o well.

here’s the official slingmedia info page about the >> slingbox iphone app

UPDATE: the tech support folks at Sling were quick to resolve this issue for me.. it’s just taken me a while to post this update but better late than never. check it >> iphone slingplayer missing remote buttons

Got Slingbox? iPhone app almost here

i finally bought a slingbox. i ordered it from amazon at an insanely discounted price with free shipping. anyhow i set it up last night in 5 minutes and tested it at work today for just a couple of minutes and it was soooo clean. i’m looking forward to having access to the other information superhighway (my uverse cable account) every i go so long as i have internet access.

slingmedia said that they would release an official slingbox iphone app before the end of the quarter. so, any day now 🙂

Blu-Ray VHS Combo, ah yeah it’s 2009 alright

happy new year! it’s 2009 and i just wanted to point out that technology will save us all. well it’ll at least save us from having to advance technologically. i know that doesn’t sound right, but here.. you’ll see what i mean.. just get a look at the new Blu-Ray VHS combo players on display at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. that’s right the VCR is likely to last until the world ends (December 21st 2012.. so say the Mayan-Calendarian-Nostradamu-Al-Goreans)

Blu-Ray VHS

The Dark Knight

i saw The Dark Knight Friday.. and wow.. it was as good as i expected. i recommend it to anybody looking for high action, great CG, some good laughs, serious reflection and just a plain old good time at the movies. i must say though, i’m not sure younger kids should see this one. i don’t know at what age some of the violence in this movie is acceptable. The Dark Knight has a PG-13 rating and it’s all purely based on violence, because I didn’t notice any profanity or any sexually explicit moments. anyhow, if you liked Batman Begins there’s no way you’ll be dissappointed with the Dark Knight.. so go check it out!

The Dark Knight

Liberty, Thomas Jefferson, Ron Paul

have you seen Ken Burns documentary on Thomas Jefferson? I just watched it last week and I’ve got to say it was extremely impressive. my intrique with Liberty has been re-energized. however, i’ve got to thank Ron Paul for this. if i hadn’t heard his political views in last year i don’t know when i would’ve taken the time to dig a little deeper into our country’s founding on the principals of Liberty. as an American it’s easy to take our privledges for granted; from here on out i refuse to do so.

in the upcoming elections there a 3 primary political philosophies that are battling for the acceptance of the American people. they are Federalism, Anti-Federalism and Socialism. i’m not going to spoon feed you my beliefs on these matters, but i do think you should take the time to research these political philosophies for yourself… start with Wikipedia… that’s easy enough right?

Democracy is young and because it affords more personal liberties than any other form of government it allows the few ‘representatives’ put into power the ability to take legislate away Liberty itself.

Comedy Movie March Madness

yeah so it’s barely January and I’m already bringing up March… sorry… but i stumbled upon this cool little comedy movie March Madness bracket… while researching various College Basketball March Madness brackets… and wanted to share. from the movies listed my finals came down to “The Jerk” with Steve Martin and “Old School” with Wil Ferrell, Vince Vaughn & Luke Wilson. who won? i can’t pick it… i could watch either movie at almost any given point in time… if it’s on i’m probably not going to turn it off.

see what comedies you take to the final four >> Comedy Movie March Madness Bracket

Flight of the Conchords DVD

there seems to be a lot of people looking for a Flight of the Conchords DVD… and they’re winding up on my blog. i suppose since i blogged about them way back when i saw their first HBO special and linked off some mp3’s from that special… and then later pointed out that HBO picked them up for a 12 episode series for Sunday night… Google has been sending searchers my way.

the only thing is i don’t really have anything referring to a FOTC DVD… well… now i do… thanks to i’m proud to pass you along to them… they can hopefully satisfy your Flight of the Conchords DVD fix >>

Apple TV $299 Now Shipping

it’s out now, the set top box from Apple known as AppleTV. the reviews are mixed, but for the most part it seems that this is the best product of it’s kind that has been released… that’s a trend apple hopes to keep moving forward. i’m seriously considering a purchase for myself on this one. i’ve been wanting a nice way to remote control my ipod, while it’s plugged into my home theater, and the solutions that were previously available just kinda sucked. the appletv would be an overpriced solution for just remoting my ipod, but having access to the itunes library might prove to be worth it. i dunno tho… i already have movies on demand through my cable provider (time warner) and a blockbuster@home video subscription that already tends to provide more video than i seem to ever have time for… so i dunno. anyhow, just wanted to spread the word about the appletv, i think a lot of people are gonna love it. (aapl)

more info >>

Global Warming – Fact or Fiction (Unbiased Blog)

is global warming real? if global warming is real will it affect my generation or the next generation?

silly questions huh… if you’ve read this far you’re either bored or you know me personally and you’re wondering when i might inject “who cares” or just maybe you’re like me and don’t really know the answers and are at least a little bit curious as to the answers.

i’m by no means a “tree hugger” nor do i have anything against free enterprise and capitalism (i’m a 51% owner of a software corporation… and love it!) but lately im not so proud how we as Americans are dismissing so easily the claims that environmental scientist keep making in regards to global warming.

i consider myself very open-minded and i actually listen to the ideas of those i might disagree with in various areas… because you never know when you wil find common ground… or learn something that changes your mind (by the way… changing your mind about something isn’t the worst thing that could happen… it might just make you a better person sometimes!).

that being said… i saw the Al Gore movie “An Inconvenient Truth” the other day… it’s very fascinating. in fact i completely recommend that anybody who has read this far into this blog rent it and check it out. it starts slow and you think it’s going to be typical… but before you know it… you see the Planet Earth “breathe” you see how it is indeed as alive as all the creatures who inhabit it… its hard to describe. then you see/hear what scientist have been trying to get across for the last couple of decades. it’s not a doomsday movie, it’s not an anti-capitalism movie, it’s simply a movie with information that in my opinion is worth considering.

here is some info from the movie

A. i dunno… but for the first time in my life im ‘begining’ to think that there might very well be some serious merit to the claims… and it may affect our children (well yours… cause i don’t have any) and that is enough to raise my eyebrows!

Superman Returns – Biggest Box Office Weekend Ever??

i saw Superman Returns this weekend. it was good… better than i expected after hearing some critics. it was imho better than X-Men 3. i do agree that casting could’ve been a little better… besides Spacey who was perfect. there were many tributes to the older movies… with a nudge of newness… which was cool… but kind of left me feeling like it rode the fence too much.

a couple of weeks ago i predicted that Superman Returns would have the largest grossing opening weekend in US box office history… overtaking Spiderman. so far it doesn’t look like that feat will happen… but will know tomorrow… either way i think Warner Brothers and DC will be happy. i just figured Superman would/should/could have a larger audience.

Superman Returns Poster