Apple TV $299 Now Shipping

it’s out now, the set top box from Apple known as AppleTV. the reviews are mixed, but for the most part it seems that this is the best product of it’s kind that has been released… that’s a trend apple hopes to keep moving forward. i’m seriously considering a purchase for myself on this one. i’ve been wanting a nice way to remote control my ipod, while it’s plugged into my home theater, and the solutions that were previously available just kinda sucked. the appletv would be an overpriced solution for just remoting my ipod, but having access to the itunes library might prove to be worth it. i dunno tho… i already have movies on demand through my cable provider (time warner) and a blockbuster@home video subscription that already tends to provide more video than i seem to ever have time for… so i dunno. anyhow, just wanted to spread the word about the appletv, i think a lot of people are gonna love it. (aapl)

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