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2007 Wraps Up – Bring on the 2008 Resolutions

i hope you all had a great Christmas, Hanukkah and holiday season! 2007 is almost in the history books, and i hope you had a great year… i did. in the past year i’ve decidely come up with some new year resolutions… and i’ve never really set any serious ones before… so you know i’m getting older (hopefully wiser).

so here are some things i hope to resolve in 08:

– Sleep Better (already working on this one, i’m in the process of testing out a Tempurpedic Mattress… i’ll blog with results in the near future)

– Update My Blog Software (spam fighting has gotten better in the last 2 years that i’ve had comments disabled, so i’m looking forward to bringing comments back)

– Vacation More (did you know in Europe it’s very common for the average worker to have 8 weeks of vacation per year… i’m soooo jealous)

– Refocus More Energy on My Business (don’t worry TicketCity, i’m still gung-ho and excited about my future there)

– Give More (i’m blessed and i absolutely need to give more… just not to the Federal Government i think i give enough there)

so there ya go… now you know where my head is at. if you’ve got any goals for the 2008 year i wish you the best and hope you overcome the challenges that you face along the way.

Have a Happy New Year!!

The Humans Are Dead


the distant future
the year 2000
the distant future
the year 2000
the distant future
the distant future

the future is quite different to the present
the one thing we have in common with the present is we still call it the present even though it’s the future
what you call the present we call the past so you guys are way behind

yes the world is quite different now
there are no more elephants
there is no more unethical treatment of elephants either
the world is a much better place

there are no more humans
finally robotic beings rule the world

we used poisonous gases
and we poisoned their asses
he’s right they are dead
look at that one it’s dead
it had to be done
i’ll just confirm that they’re dead
so that we could have fun
affirmative i poked one it was dead

system of oppression
what did it lead too
the robot depression
robots ruled by people
they had so much aggression that we just had to kill them
had to shut their systems down

captian do you not see the irony, by destroying the humans because of their destructive capabilities we have become like…
well do you see what we’ve…
what we’ve done?

yes… so..
destroy him!

after time we grew strong
developed cognitive powers
they made us work for too long
for unreasonable hours
our programming determined that the most efficient answer was to shut their mother %$#@!*& systems down

can’t we just talk to the humans they have little understanding, but make things better?
can’t we talk to the humans and work together, no?

NO, because they are dead
he’s right they are dead
sniff this one it’s dead
we used poisonous gases
with traces of lead
and we poisoned their asses
actually their lungs

binary solo

0 0 0 1 0 0 1

come on sucker lick my battery

once again without emotion


Motion Graphics Freelancer for Hire

my bro, out in la la land (los angeles), is doing well and enjoying himself since he’s been freelancing his motion graphics skills. he left Shilo Design in San Diego shortly after i visited him back in the summer. since then he’s gotten to work on a few cool projects.. he keeps learning and stretching his skills.. as well as wowing his clients. so if you stumbled upon my blog from searching for a motion graphics professional, or if you’re just insterested in seeing the latest demo reel he’s put together check it out >> reel 2007

Led Zeppelin – pettition for world tour 2008

the other day Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin reunited for their first performance together in a very very long time. i didn’t get to go (it was in England), but you know it rocked. well if you’re familiar with Led Zep’s music then you know it rocked. i realized since i’ve moved into digital music world that i didn’t have any Led Zepplin albums in my collection. so, i went to itunes and hooked myself up. i layed on my bed with dimmed lights, closed my eyes and listened to their debut album in a way i haven’t done in a long time. there’s not too many albums that i can close my eyes and listen to without falling asleep. but that’s the coolest thing about many Led Zeppelin’s records… they’re good from start to finish… not a single song i want to skip past.

now like so many fans, i hope Led Zeppelin annouces a world tour, so i can have a chance to hear so many great songs performed by their creators in person.

anyhow until Zep goes back on tour, if they go… if you haven’t jammed out to some Zep in a while (besides the occasional classic rock station 2 for tuesday or triple shot thursdays or whatever)… get their debut album (my fave) or any other album of theirs you favor and listen to it in it’s entirety, the way any really good album is intended to be heard.

or if you dislike LZ… i dunno maybe ‘buttered floor‘ vids on youtube are more your speed… have a nice day 🙂

Led Zeppelin

Republican Debates on YouTube

dunno if you watched the Republican Party Presidential debates on YouTube and CNN… but i did. i’m not a party member.. in fact i’m not a huge fan of ‘political parties’ in general. btw, i also watched most of the last Democrat YouTube/CNN debate (i forgot to DVR it, so i didn’t catch it all).

anyhow, i figured i would give you my synopsis… remember these are my personal opinions (it’s cool if you don’t agree)

Mike Huckabee: used his Southern Babtist charm to come across a humbled yet driven man of virtue. who’s goal it seems is to be President regardless of what group of people will vote for him… even though he might openly disagree on moral and ethical issues… cause he’s ‘gonna do whats right’ instead of ‘represent the majority of Americans’. this guy seems very nice, but i fear that he has that ‘God tells me what to do… not you the American People’ philosphy GW subscribes to. ~kinda scary

Rudy Giuliani: the guy did a lot for NYC… he didn’t fold under the serious pressures and turmoils after 9/11… but this guys closet has waaaaay too many skeletons that haven’t been dealt with. Bill Clinton looks square compared to the stories that come out about this guy. after all his talk… the only thing i get from this guy is that if elected we’ll get a lower crime rate. but, he’s not convincing me on any specific policies. ~this is the guy the Dems want to race against

John McCain: wow this debate openend my eyes a little on this guy. pure politician. thanks McCain for your military service, but did i hear you imply that we should’ve stayed in Vietnam??? maybe he’s had that opinion all along and i’m too out of the loop to have known that… but yuck. he absolutely detests torture… no surprise there. ~becoming scary

Mitt Romney: flip flopper? well… he saw the light… can a Republican trust him??? i dunno, but he’s the ‘slick willy’ of the Republican Party. ~slick willy

Fred Thompson: this guy would play a great President on a made for TV movie… jk… but i’m thinking i’ll pass on this guy… he’s already running dirty ads against his fellow party members… canibalization begins. ~not a bad guy, just too vanilla

Ron Paul: this guy is the ‘real’ Republican.. even though the watered down lobby’d to the brim party shuns him. RP is the kind of no BS representative that the others on the stage should hope to emulate… regardless their personal political views. ~rocky

the other guys: ho humm… great guys i’m sure… but if you missed it… then you missed it.

there ya go… you made it this far… wish i had a cookie for ya! just remember to VOTE!!

Clean Water Action

so the other night this guy comes knocking on my door with a clip board… looking for my signature and a donation. i’m not one for handing over money just to get a solicitor off my porch, but the cause caught my interest… clean water. if you know anything about me you know i like my water. i like to bathe with it, drink it and use it for leisure activities (fishing & boating in particular). you like water right? it’s been a long time since i’ve had some tap water to drink and said ‘yummy’ so anyhow, i’m not saying this ‘Clean Water Action‘ organiztion is one that i completely recommend you make a financial donation to… however, it is an organization i hope you, like myself, will take a few minutes to research… especially if you’re a Texan… clean water in Texas would make me very happy.

Aqua Dots – DANGEROUS!

if you’ve got kids or know somebody who does be sure to pass this around… i’ve never heard of Aqua Dots, but the toy is China-made and contains a chemical that can comatose children. the Aqua Dots, when metabolized, turn into GHB (the date-rape drug).

>> Read More

Unlcaimed Money in Texas

Texans, can you imagine being entitled to money or property that you aren’t even aware of… a friend, a family member or perhaps even you might have unclaimed money in Texas just waiting for you to claim it. it might be 2 dollars… or it might be 200 bucks or… well you can dream can’t you.. haha.

anyhow, i’ve never been one to scan through the long fine printed lists of names that the newspapers release from time to time… but my mom was telling me just yesterday that she got on to the Unclaimed Property Website of Texas and found money that cousin and stepfather owed. my cousins came from accounts her father had left behind, that nobody was aware of… and my stepdad had some money from an old job and some sort of credit account. nice! sadly nothing for me… sniffle sniffle. o yeah my mom also found a few hundred dollars that was owed to one of her friends… now that’s a good friend.

anyhow the website, unlike the unclaimed money lists that newspapers publish, is quick and easy to explore.

so, i suggest you at least spend a few minutes scanning cities and last names of your friends and family memebers and most importantly yourself 🙂

Find unclaimed money in Texas >>

Rockies World Series Tickets

today the site that was handling the actual online-only distribution of World Series tickets for Rockies fans, and anybody else wanting to go to the World Series in Denver, WAS WORTHLESS… the site,, didn’t actually crash crash… but it did crawl, and timeout, and sputter for life as baseball fans tried to snag some World Series tickets.

for hours people have felt lucky enough to watch the ‘waiting room’ page refresh endlessly, every 60 seconds, while others only get a brief series of refreshes before being hit with a “page cannot be displayed” error. o yeah, fun way to ‘try’ and buy World Series tickets. something tells me that Paciolan, the company that runs EVENUE.NET is going to lose some future major event contracts… after this frustrating experience.

anyhow… if you want World Series Tickets you can buy them at TicketCity >> World Series Tickets.

granted, Ticket City does list World Series tickets above face value so you’ll be paying more than if you spend the rest of your day… and possibly tomorrow watching your page refresh in the ‘waiting room’ (do you really think that page is ever going to take you to another page that you can actually buy tickets on?? I DON’T!!!)

good luck.