Led Zeppelin – pettition for world tour 2008

the other day Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin reunited for their first performance together in a very very long time. i didn’t get to go (it was in England), but you know it rocked. well if you’re familiar with Led Zep’s music then you know it rocked. i realized since i’ve moved into digital music world that i didn’t have any Led Zepplin albums in my collection. so, i went to itunes and hooked myself up. i layed on my bed with dimmed lights, closed my eyes and listened to their debut album in a way i haven’t done in a long time. there’s not too many albums that i can close my eyes and listen to without falling asleep. but that’s the coolest thing about many Led Zeppelin’s records… they’re good from start to finish… not a single song i want to skip past.

now like so many fans, i hope Led Zeppelin annouces a world tour, so i can have a chance to hear so many great songs performed by their creators in person.

anyhow until Zep goes back on tour, if they go… if you haven’t jammed out to some Zep in a while (besides the occasional classic rock station 2 for tuesday or triple shot thursdays or whatever)… get their debut album (my fave) or any other album of theirs you favor and listen to it in it’s entirety, the way any really good album is intended to be heard.

or if you dislike LZ… i dunno maybe ‘buttered floor‘ vids on youtube are more your speed… have a nice day 🙂

Led Zeppelin