Republican Debates on YouTube

dunno if you watched the Republican Party Presidential debates on YouTube and CNN… but i did. i’m not a party member.. in fact i’m not a huge fan of ‘political parties’ in general. btw, i also watched most of the last Democrat YouTube/CNN debate (i forgot to DVR it, so i didn’t catch it all).

anyhow, i figured i would give you my synopsis… remember these are my personal opinions (it’s cool if you don’t agree)

Mike Huckabee: used his Southern Babtist charm to come across a humbled yet driven man of virtue. who’s goal it seems is to be President regardless of what group of people will vote for him… even though he might openly disagree on moral and ethical issues… cause he’s ‘gonna do whats right’ instead of ‘represent the majority of Americans’. this guy seems very nice, but i fear that he has that ‘God tells me what to do… not you the American People’ philosphy GW subscribes to. ~kinda scary

Rudy Giuliani: the guy did a lot for NYC… he didn’t fold under the serious pressures and turmoils after 9/11… but this guys closet has waaaaay too many skeletons that haven’t been dealt with. Bill Clinton looks square compared to the stories that come out about this guy. after all his talk… the only thing i get from this guy is that if elected we’ll get a lower crime rate. but, he’s not convincing me on any specific policies. ~this is the guy the Dems want to race against

John McCain: wow this debate openend my eyes a little on this guy. pure politician. thanks McCain for your military service, but did i hear you imply that we should’ve stayed in Vietnam??? maybe he’s had that opinion all along and i’m too out of the loop to have known that… but yuck. he absolutely detests torture… no surprise there. ~becoming scary

Mitt Romney: flip flopper? well… he saw the light… can a Republican trust him??? i dunno, but he’s the ‘slick willy’ of the Republican Party. ~slick willy

Fred Thompson: this guy would play a great President on a made for TV movie… jk… but i’m thinking i’ll pass on this guy… he’s already running dirty ads against his fellow party members… canibalization begins. ~not a bad guy, just too vanilla

Ron Paul: this guy is the ‘real’ Republican.. even though the watered down lobby’d to the brim party shuns him. RP is the kind of no BS representative that the others on the stage should hope to emulate… regardless their personal political views. ~rocky

the other guys: ho humm… great guys i’m sure… but if you missed it… then you missed it.

there ya go… you made it this far… wish i had a cookie for ya! just remember to VOTE!!