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The Da Vinci Code Movie Suprise

ahh… the controversey…

perhaps a little too much hype…

imho, this movie was good! i know some ‘religous’ folks that absolutely refuse to see this film on some basis that it is the work of the Devil himself. uh… ok… whatever…

this film has true ‘suspense’ it keeps you wondering what’s around the next corner… it’s great for people who want a movie that asks you to ‘think’ a little bit… so if that’s not you… save your money for something else… i mean there’s only going to be a ton of great movies this summer.

oh yeah the ‘suprise’ was that i found the movie to be better than expected!

X-Men 3 on Memorial Day Box Office Smash

if you didn’t see X-Men 3 this past Memorial Day weekend but have seen the first 2 you might have been in the minority of X-Men’ers. that’s because X-Men 3 made over 120 million bucks… CHA-CHING… btw >> MVL

i saw it and it was a pretty good movie… perfect to start the Summer movie-going season off with. i think a tad bit more comedy earlier in the film would’ve added a nice touch… but the action and fx weren’t lacking one bit.

if u haven’t seen the first 2 you can get away with not seeing them prior to checking out this installment… but i highly recommend you rent the first 2 (that way if u don’t like u don’t pay the 7-12$ per person ticket price).

The Best Movies of 2005

2005 brought everything from comic book heros (Batman Begins)
to another remake of an 8000 pound gorilla (King Kong)
to the long anticipated first heavy breathing of Darth Vader (Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith)
to aliens once again coming to conquer us (War of the Worlds) but of course failing
and another game turned movie (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)
as well as the latest installment of youth gone magical (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)
and Willy Wonka’s return to the big screen (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
also 2 guys looking for love in all the wrong perhaps right places (Wedding Crashers)
a couple who really wants to kill each other (Mr. & Mrs. Smith)
and finally the one big animated movie of the year (Madagascar)

whew… and those are just the top grossing for 2005… lots of Hollywood glitter and gold in that list.

so for those of you who’ve seen a few of these, which one was your absolute favorite?

i would’ve thought that King Kong or Star Wars Episode III would’ve been a close race for me. however, i’m sticking with Batman Begins. i’ve watched it on dvd a couple times since seeing it this summer at the movies and it just entertains me more than the others. granted, i haven’t seen all these movies (some i have no interests). who knows, maybe your comments will motivate me to check one i wasn’t planning on even renting.

Poll Results:

Google Video

everybody is posting links to their fave clips on Google Video. i gotta say it’s a really neat part of Google. i’m wondering when MSN and Yahoo! will come out with a similar product (if they don’t already have one that i’m just not familar with). i’ve known about Google Video for a while, but just recently has it seemed to be loaded with a decent supply of interesting clips (free ones). there are clips that are for sale too, which i imagine will become more populated as Google can show success with their current limited supply. i just hope the free ones keep filling in, it’s nice being able to do keyword searches for video clips.

anyhow here’s a clip i dig:

>> Triumph the Insult Dog at the Michael Jackson Trial (ragging on MJ supporters)

UPDATE: Google bought YouTube (for $1.65B) and quit supporting, so the link above no longer works. In fact, I couldn’t even find a different version of the vid on YouTube, but I did find it at DailyMotion.

Stan Tookie Williams (Crip Gang Co-Founder) & the Death Penalty

have u heard of Stan Tookie? his final appeal of the California death penalty has been ruled against and his execution date is set for December 13th.

Tookie is/was a murderer there is no denial, however Tookie has undergone a seemingly radical and serious ‘Redemption‘ (the title of his autobiographical movie, starring Jamie Foxx). i recommend the movie, but don’t expect to see glorified violence (as in most gangster movies) but rather Tookie’s enormous influence and discovery of the mayhem he helped to set in motion… which effects American society today.

various people are pulling together to get California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to stop the execution. >>

i have to say that Tookie’s situation is unique in many ways and certainly brings up some very interesting ideas with regards to the Death Penalty.

for more inforamation about Stan Tookie << click there

Something the Lord Made

just thought i’d recommend a movie i watched a couple of weekends ago “Something the Lord Made

i had it on my blockbuster list for a while… i can’t remember how it got there… but anyhow… a few weeks ago i caught a bit of it somewhere in the middle and watched a couple of minutes of it and thought ‘this doesn’t look good’ but i never took it off my blockbuster list (btw, i get videos in the mail from Blockbuster if you’re wondering what i mean by ‘list’) anyhow, i got it in the mail last week and this weekend beore wrapping it back up to send back i figured i may as well try to watch it. boy i’m glad i did… it’s a really good movie. its a historical drama… so if you’re into that… true stuff. its crazy because it deals with segregation and the medical sciences in the early-mid 20th century. it’s a real eye0-opener to how un-progressed things were.

so if u get a chance check it out!

War of the Worlds… not so good

saw War of the Worlds over the weekend and it was great until the 2nd hour… and the ending… umm… whatever.

thats my opinion anyhow.

Batman Begins is GOOD.. did i already mention that? 😀

Batman Begins is BETTER THAN GOOD!!

just saw the best comic hero movie of all time.. i think. i mean not only is it a million times better than the other Batman movies but it is better than the Spiderman movies, XMen’s, and other less notables.

the movie was almost flawless. the casting was FINALLY RIGHT. the action was killer. the special effects were grand. the flow of the movie was great and the story line was tight.

we (my bro and i) were debating Batman Begins or War of the Worlds… I can bet we made the right decision (although we are both still eager to see W.O.W.)

Batman Begins… two thumbs and two big toes way up from me!!

Batman Begins

Movies Available on DVD This Week

for anyone interested i added a page to my site with a listing of movies on DVD available for rent (or purchase).

UPDATE: Sorry, but I removed the page I once had listing New DVD Releases. However, after monitoring my stats I noticed that a lot of people are visiting this blog and trying to visit that page… so fyi, the feed that I used to pull an updated listing of new dvds available every week came from Yahoo >>

The Oscars

did u watch the oscars? i caught the end.

i was happy to see Jamie Foxx win best actor. actually it was a little surprising. not because he didn’t deserve it, but because the academny is known for passing on ‘one hit’ actors. but i think this year the academy realized that Jamie’s portrayal or Ray Charles was undeniably genuis.

the other oscars nominees and winners can be found at:

if u haven’t seen Ray, check it out!