Stan Tookie Williams (Crip Gang Co-Founder) & the Death Penalty

have u heard of Stan Tookie? his final appeal of the California death penalty has been ruled against and his execution date is set for December 13th.

Tookie is/was a murderer there is no denial, however Tookie has undergone a seemingly radical and serious ‘Redemption‘ (the title of his autobiographical movie, starring Jamie Foxx). i recommend the movie, but don’t expect to see glorified violence (as in most gangster movies) but rather Tookie’s enormous influence and discovery of the mayhem he helped to set in motion… which effects American society today.

various people are pulling together to get California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to stop the execution. >>

i have to say that Tookie’s situation is unique in many ways and certainly brings up some very interesting ideas with regards to the Death Penalty.

for more inforamation about Stan Tookie << click there

11 thoughts on “Stan Tookie Williams (Crip Gang Co-Founder) & the Death Penalty

  1. Unfortunatly I HAVE heard this story. What a confusing state it puts you in…

    ok… so you started the biggest gang (gang rivalry) in history.

    ok… so you won the nobel peace prize & published children’s books?

    Kill ’em? no… he won the prize of peace…
    Don’t Kill ’em… but he started the biggest gang ever.

    Not something I want on my plate, glad I’m not a political figure in that state. Arnie!!

  2. there is nothing unique about someone on death row finding jebus and pleading for clemency.

    if hitler wrote a pro-jew children’s book would you forgive him for the holocaust???

    tookie is merely getting what he deserves.

  3. thanks for the comment!

    too bad u are unwilling to post your name or an alias other than “hello” as if you are somehow afraid to identify yourself with your opinions.

    however, i’d have to say that your interpretation of “forgive” would need to be more clearly defined. i mean nobody is saying that tookie should be let out of prison. not being put to death isn’t exactly going to make the rest of his years in prison any more enjoyable. ahh, but what about the costs to taxpayers to keep a murderer alive… now there’s another arguement.

    so we know that for some people out there… this situation is closed… he’s a murderer found guilty and the punishment is death… no other factors need be considered in determining/altering punishment. also, laws and sentences should never be changed.

    ok well i’d have to say imo that’s pretty closed minded… but i very well could be wrong.

    thanks again ‘hello’ and please feel free to comment anytime.

  4. I almost didn’t post this, but thought, what the hell.

    I somewhat agree with “hello”, whoever that is (and I’m not sure who jebus is either, and didn’t know death row inmates routinely find him). Nothing Tookie has done (or could possibly every do) since has changed or somehow deminished the severity of his crimes. It is an unfortunate situation, but part of the reason for punishment is not just to punish the person who committed the crime, but to also as a deterent to others. I also believe he would not have been held to such esteem for his anti-gang activism if it weren’t for the stark irony that there may not even be a NEED for anti-gang activism if it were not for him in the first place. Cleaning up one’s own mess is not noble. And as far as there being no denial about his being a murderer. . .Tookie himself denies it to this day according to the San Francisco Chronicle (at the end of the story)

    All that being said, I do not believe sentences should never be changed, but for crimes as heinous as the murders committed by this man, there is nothing that he could do that could “redeem” himself. Maybe he should, if he is truly sincere, use himself as an example, and let the young people involved in gangs today know that this is what is in store for them if they continue along the path they are on, and admit that he truly deserves this fate. Now, comparing Tookie to Hitler, “hello”. . .bad choice. . .apples to oranges, as they say.

    I know my opinion probably won’t be popular, but I thought I’d show “hello” you don’t have to be afraid to voice your opinion, and maybe he/she will come back and reveal his/her true identity.

  5. well this is a tough dicision on arnnie, but it is only obvious that tookie killed those people for a reason so why should he be expected to apologize? we all screw up in life and tookie has took the time to realize that a gang-lifestyle is not a great one and he is helping other people understand that because no matter how many people want to erase that it will always be a part of life. LET TOOKIE LIVE!!!!

  6. Tookie has changed my life and my brother life around because of his movie and books, my brother and i was really into being the bigest OG’s in long beach Cal but since we learned from Tookie mistakes we now got our life together. Plus everyone F**ks up sometimes but Tookie,myself, and my brother realize that ganglifestyle is not the best and Tookie is helping other ppl understand that. SO LET TOOKIE LIVE!!!!!!!!!

  7. cuz kill loc for what he try to change his life and most of all he stop some gang rivials in da city of L.A and had a treaty

  8. What needs to be addresed in the judical system is the amount of time a death row inmate is housed! Two decades is too long. The guy is lucky he lived this long, they should have executed him 20 years ago! Think about the victims family and put yourselves in their shoes; wouldn’t you want the person responsible for your loved ones murder to be killed!!!!

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