Web-based Video Ads

if anyone out there in the Austin Texas area needs a website video ad to showcase their products or services then you’ll be happy to know that the company i work for, SiteStreet.com, has begun to work with local videographers to provide online video ad creation. i think it’s a very cool approach to promoting your goods. afterall, we know how effective the TV commercial has been in the last 50 years and the TV infomercial in the last 20 years… so why not on your website too! go from text and pictures to video and audio.

visit http://www.sitestreet.com/37/Website_Videos.htm for more info and pricing (pricing is cheap too!)

4 thoughts on “Web-based Video Ads

  1. nice to see that added. after doing video editing this past year… I think it could be a very profitable field.

  2. That’s pretty cool Buster. I have been doing video for TSTC lately and I love it. We are using it for online classes. Voice over is also another nice way to reach your audience.

    The future of the internet, imo, will contain tons of video and audio content. FlashMX will be a major player as well.

  3. very cool benny! yeah remember when we were going to school and there was soooooo much talk about online classes using java… i think you’re closer to right… flash has emerged as a great foundation for interactive and ‘flashy’ website performance. the next several years of the www will certainly have plenty of evolution involved.

  4. Yeah, I agree, Flash definitely seems like the forerunner in interactive content for the web. I think it’ll be much more of a player than Java ever was. One thing that’s getting to me is the increasing number of flash adverts you see popping up more and more. Yikes!

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