Man Versus Vegas

have u seen Man vs. Vegas… it’s insanely cool. this guy, Darren, apparently lost several million dollars in the late 90’s and has decided to take his last 1 million and share the wealth playing high stakes games with whoever is around and willing to play with him. i saw where he got a group of ladies playing penny slots and took them over to the $100 slot machines and gave them each $500 but they had to spin the machine 5 times ($100 each spin) and they would all split the total winnings… they ended up with a few hunderd dollars profit after all the spins… but Darren decided to give each of them a little extra!! how cool is that… i hope i bump into this guy on my next trip to Vegas.

check it out it’s on CMT >> Man vs. Vegas

4 thoughts on “Man Versus Vegas

  1. ive been watching since it started-is it over aftere the 8th show are is it gonna come back next season? man i hope its not done-i love it-i hope daren wins what he lost and then some-becuz he does share the wealth. dj

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