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everybody is posting links to their fave clips on Google Video. i gotta say it’s a really neat part of Google. i’m wondering when MSN and Yahoo! will come out with a similar product (if they don’t already have one that i’m just not familar with). i’ve known about Google Video for a while, but just recently has it seemed to be loaded with a decent supply of interesting clips (free ones). there are clips that are for sale too, which i imagine will become more populated as Google can show success with their current limited supply. i just hope the free ones keep filling in, it’s nice being able to do keyword searches for video clips.

anyhow here’s a clip i dig:

>> Triumph the Insult Dog at the Michael Jackson Trial (ragging on MJ supporters)

UPDATE: Google bought YouTube (for $1.65B) and quit supporting, so the link above no longer works. In fact, I couldn’t even find a different version of the vid on YouTube, but I did find it at DailyMotion.

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  1. Not sure about MSN, but Yahoo has video. I’ve only used it a bit, and don’t really know how it compares to google.

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