Vince Young Highlights Video

here is a pretty cool highlights video of Vince Young’s 2004 season (of the National Champions of College Football for 2005, from the University of Texas Longhorns)

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  1. Vince Young proved he is the real Heisman Trophy winner. He is the most dominant player college football has witnessed in decades. Reggie Bush is a great one but where was he on 4th and 2? On the sidelines!! Can you imagine Vince Young ever being out of the game for a crucial play. That is why he is the most valuable college football player. I was raised a Georgia fan and will be till I die. Most of us SEC fans think we have the toughest conference and we do stack up pretty well but last Wednesday night NO SEC team nor an SEC allstar team would have had a chance against Texas or Southern Cal. In 53 years, I’ve seen some great college football games with incredible athletes on the field. That was the best college game ever and my team wasn’t even in the hunt. Congratulations to all the Texas fans and SC fans. You have great coaches fans and players. You have raised the bar. I hope our guys are up for the challenge. M G

  2. IMO, if Vince Young stays healthy, and I don’t see him having a problem with that, he will go far in the NFL. I’m sure we will be hearing his name for many years to come.

  3. actually there was some chatter on Real Sports (on HBO) just the other day that Houston might be inclined to strongly consider Vince… hmm…

  4. vince young will get picked up by the texans and will be a shock to every 1n when it happens they dont need a running game davis is thier running back hes 25 years of age and ran for 1000 yrads what they need is a line and vince young witch they will get

  5. i am a 12 year old kid i am vince youngs biggest fan and i just want to to tell you i enjoyed watching your video clip

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