Texas Longhorns are National Champions

Deep in the heart of Texas, Austin Texas to be precise, the celebration has just begun! It seems that after all the hype and blabbing on about how the USC Trojans were perhaps the best college football team of all time the battle ended with the Texas Longhorns doing what no other team has done in 34 games against USC… BEAT THEM.


and btw, Vince Young mighta shoulda perhaps maybe…. ABSOLUTELY DESERVED THE HEISMAN??!!?? i’m not saying Bush isn’t a star… but cough cough… choke choke. and VY… well nothing but shining brilliance.

ok enough for tonight… i still gotta work in a few hours and need some sleep, but i wanted to send a shout out to all those punk trojan fans… and to those who bleed burnt orange


Vince Young Rose Bowl Victory Texas Longhorns Wheaties box

3 thoughts on “Texas Longhorns are National Champions

  1. Well it was a great run and I’ve been spoiled over these past 3 football seasons. Going into this game I said there is no way one player is going to beat USC. I was obviously proven very wrong. That was one of the most amazing performances, by one player, that I have ever seen.

    Congrats to the “2006 National Champions: Texas Longhorns”.

    Let’s do it again next year !!!

    SoCal Trojan Fan

  2. glad to see you are taking it well… but defense was huge for UT… Vince was the ultimate offensive leader (and i’m extremely surprised jamal charles didn’t play a bigger role… several of us couldn’t beleive his lack of utilization) but as you said… VY took the load and carried the longhorn offense almost the whole way.

    i said it from game 1 of 2005… UT’s running game can’t be stopped… ‘pick your poision’ and at the Rose Bowl it was undeniably Vince Young.

  3. That was one of the best games that I’ve seen in a while. I was on the edge of my seat almost the entire game. USC is a great team no doubt, but UT was better this go round.


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