New Year, New Job, Another Day

just before the Christmas hustle and bustle i started a new job. i left my job at (still the best austin web design company out there) to accept a position with

my time with was a blast. jimmy, the founder and owner is a great guy and it was hard to break the news to him. in my short time with him we cranked out some great sites and helped bring sitestreet’s search engine optimization abilities up to par with the best of the best. jimmy really had things ramping up nicely just before i left and i expect that sitestreet will continue to see revenue growth and profit$

so, u might be asking… why did u leave if it was so good. well… in the most random of ways i just happened to come across and see a posting for a position that looked really attractive to my nature and skills. so, i figured, “i’ll send my resume and that will be the end of that.” and for a month that was the end of that and then out of the blue i get a phone call from Zach and he hits me up for a phone interview on the spot. the chat was good and he asked me to come into the office. a few interviews and conversations later i’m being offered a position.

with some serious deliberation i gave up working from home, for sitestreet, only to have to get dressed everyday and drive to work… i know i’m pretty sad huh. well… of course the pay isn’t anything to sneeze at and the benefits will be nice (after my 90 days when they kick in) and i’m looking forward to partaking of the quarterly and annual bonuses but truly most of all is the oppurtunity. i mean all things being stated the potential at TC is extremely broad and deep. this is/was true at sitestreet, however, sitestreet didn’t get to take advantage of the best of me the way TC i believe will.

so there u go, i’m stoked to be starting the new year in a new job with a lot of possibilities. over the months i hope u guys will check out the site from time to time (but don’t ask me for discounts hehe… family is already hitting me up :D) but we’ll see… maybe we can put something together.

for my proggy friends out there… i’m about to embark on creating a new API with .Net, and new content management system/user interface for the public site(s) so i’ll be up to my nose in code for the next several months. as a few of us know nothing makes life better than building your house on a solid foundation rather than sand. from there we’re going to shake things up in the online event ticketing industry. (be on the lookout for some .Net questions coming your way via email u .Net’ers).

and there you go 😀

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Job, Another Day

  1. Congrats on the new job! Sounds like a good deal. Coincidentally, I’m currently working on a .NET content management system of sorts too. Maybe we could compare notes!

  2. Very cool Buster…glad to hear your stoked about it all. I’m sure everything will be great for you there at your new job.


  3. Sweet man, i’m proud for you.

    Glad to see that most of the best of OT got some better things happening…

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