Xmas 2005 & New Year’s 2006

this is likely my last post for a while, since i’ll be traveling to visit family for Christmas. i’ve got a lot of news and goodies to share with everyone once i get back so stay tuned in :D.

in the meantime has anybody else noticed the Google Doodle going on with their logo?

be safe and have a great Christmas! for those of you who do not celebrate Christmas I hope you celebrate in some other way with your family and friends and have a great time as well.

in case I’m not back to posting before New Year’s… have fun, be safe and i’ll see you in 2006

One thought on “Xmas 2005 & New Year’s 2006

  1. Happy New Year and all that jazz…

    hope all is well, haven’t heard from you in a while. BLOG!!! breaks over. fill us in on the latest austin gossip. lol

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