Windows Hosts File Editor

lately at work i’ve been doing a lot of editing on my Windows HOSTS file. i decided i needed a shortcut right to my hosts file on the various machines i use. i realized with just a little extra effort i could create a small hosts file editor with desktop shortcut and/or quick launch access for anyone else who might need the same thing.

btw, if you don’t know what a hosts file is or how to use it then the freeware is of no use to you.

so if you check out my freeware page you will notice a download link for Win Hosts File Editor.

hope it helps… and enjoy!

Download it from

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  1. jobs great… working on some painful upgrades to the current system, but about to be done with that and then on to primarily new development… (i started to post details but figure i better keep that to a private chat so as to not give anything away to eyes that need not be seeing, but everythings good… i’m digging it)

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