The Oscars

did u watch the oscars? i caught the end.

i was happy to see Jamie Foxx win best actor. actually it was a little surprising. not because he didn’t deserve it, but because the academny is known for passing on ‘one hit’ actors. but i think this year the academy realized that Jamie’s portrayal or Ray Charles was undeniably genuis.

the other oscars nominees and winners can be found at:

if u haven’t seen Ray, check it out!

3 thoughts on “The Oscars

  1. We caught most of it, but it was just boring as hell. We ended up changing it – don’t even remember really what we watched. I did catch Jamie Foxx’s acceptance speach – was a good one. Its good to see people that have so much talent get what they deserve. Mashala cried when he started talkin’ bout his grandma.


  2. yeah he gets all balled up inside when talking bout his grandma… don’t know if u’ve seen it or not but the “Inside the Actors Studio” with Jamie Foxx was really really cool. he explained how his grandma gave him tools for life and how he’s taken advantage of all those tools and owes everything to his grandma. that show was filmed like 2 weeks after she passed away… u talk about sad moments…

    best thing is, he certainly seems to appreciate everything he has more than most hollywood types do.

    how bout “Collateral” too.. i liked that movie and thought Jamie did a good job. Cruise was pretty good too. it was a little cheesy towards the end, but the performances were great.

  3. yeah someone else told me how his grandma had told him to learn as much as possible from piano, to singing lesson and anything else you could get your hands on(apparently he said something about that on the in the studio show thing). I have loved jamie foxx since the day of in living color… man he has been around long enough. and I agree he is definetly appreciative of it. which is unique these days.


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