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Bocktoberfest 2007 Cancelled

the last couple of years i really enjoyed going down to Shiner Texas in October for Bocktoberfest. the tickets were cheap the lineups were diverse and worth every penny of the price, and the crowds weren’t huuuuuge like ACL Fest. anyhow, the little brewery down in Shiner determined that they were just losing too much money to continue the concert… i told you the crowds weren’t ridiculous.

so look no further for the announcements of this years lineup or dates… Shiner didn’t do a real good job of getting the word out, so hopefully if you were searching for Bocktoberfest 2007, Bocktoberfest tickets, Bocktoberfest lineup or anything else related you found this post and now know that Bocktoberfest is done.

but hey… if you enjoy country music the Big State Festival is this weekend in Bryan-College Station… hopefully it turns out to be a nice annual gathering. the lineup is pretty good for the price of tickets… 2 days worth of music! at work, we’re actually selling tickets below face value >> Big State Festival Tickets

Head to Head Fantasy Football vs Total Points Fantasy Football

i have to point this out for all you fantasy footballers out there. i’m certainly not a fantasy football expert, i’ve only been playing for 4 or 5 years now, but i’ve cashed every year i’ve played (that’s gotta stand for something). the leagues i played in were ran by a true expert, james from the, who has played and plays it all kinds of ways. anyhow, those particular leagues determined a winner off total points earned at the end of the season. there were no head to head matchups or playoffs. i for one prefer that style over the head to head matchups… and not because i’m losing. in fact, so far, i’m 1-0 in both my leagues this year which are head to head format. i just gotta say that while watching and tracking football this past weekend i didn’t care as much about all the games. just my guys games and my opponents players games. that kinda sux… this year i don’t care as much if plaxico puts up 6 td’s a game so long as i’m not matched up against him this week. also… i feel the luck factor becomes a bigger piece of the game. for example… if several of my players are matched up horribly (in real life nfl games) and my fantasy football opponent’s players have great matchups… what am i to do… i can only substitute so much to peak out my projected point earnings… and i can’t prepare my draft for a schedule (against the other fantasy football teams) unless i have an idea of who they’re going to have and when i play them. maybe that’s where a keeper league would be better suited for head to head matchups in fantasy football.

sorry for the rant.. i was just going to email this to james, at, and figured i’d share it with all you who might feel the same way… or think i’m just dumb… either way maybe james will take a poll and see what most fantasy football coaches prefer… my vote… total points over head to head.

so check out for real >> fantasy football advice, news and everthing else fantasy football

ACL Tickets

2 days until ACL 2007 kicks off. the weather isn’t looking too bad, it should be cooler than previous years… but has potential of being a wet one in the evenings which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

this morning i was listening to dudley and bob (and their crew) and they actually had an intern kiss a dog’s pooper-hole for free acl tickets… sick… i mean the show should be good, but i dunno about all that. i woulda just shelled out the clams for some acl tickets… we’ve got some at work >> acl tickets

Ticket Discounts, Sometimes Below Face Value!

i’ve been working this summer (and spring and fall… ok but back to summer) at Ticket City developing some really slick website features that other ticket brokers simply don’t have. This fall is going to exciting as we begin to release new feature after new feature.

for now, check out our new “Ticket Specials” page(s). if you’re looking for cheap concert tickets, cheap football tickets, or cheap tickets to any upcoming event in a city near you… then check out view our ticket specials before shopping anywhere else. If we’ve got tickets below face value (yeah… we actually do sell tickets below face value on occassion) along with tickets that have been reduced at least 10% you can find them at Ticket City >> Ticket Specials

so much more to come… enjoy!

btw, can you believe that Hannah Montana Tickets are kind of a big deal… not to me or perhaps you… but across the country this girl, miley cyrus, is getting paid as she evidently has a huge fan base!!

San Diego Surfing Lessons

the san diego surf is still up… and i miss it! i was out there back in late june and wanted to post this earlier but you know how lazy a blogger i am… what can i say. anyhow… for anybody that found this article who is looking for some surfing lessons in san diego… i’ve got a recommendation for you!

chris olivas… a great guy, great surfer and a great surfing instructor. his contact info:

one of these days i hope to indulge in one of these surf trips… which can include some amazing deep sea fishing & scuba diving… if you like the water as much as i do these trips look like the perfect excuse to cut loose from the rest of the world for a few days 🙂

there is still plenty o summer left… so take some surf lessons in san diego (if you’re not in san diego this time of year… get there!)

NFL Fantasy Football 2007-2008

it’s almost that time of year… when those who cannot do… own fantasy football teams!! 🙂

james runs a great fantasy football blog over at… where else… he and a few other commissioners and team owners keep it pretty well updated with all kinds of fantasy football news. you’ll find NFL fantasy football articles about every subject in the fantasy football spectrum.

i’ve already got catch up on my reading… becaue i see that the fantasy football blog is already running a couple of interesting articles… stuff that espn and espn2 and fox sports have yet to start discussing.

fantasy football draft day is right around the corner and i can say from last years experience… draft day is THE most important day of the season… unless you’ve got a bunch of traders in your league… sometimes you stick with what you pick til the end… because it’s better than the battered up free agents… and a week too late streakers.

so… if you wanna win… get the latest fantasy football news from the fantasy football blog!

don’t forget to actually get out and watch a game in person…. buy NFL tickets at

Blogging from an iPhone

This is my first blog from an iPhone. It’s a sleek device, but its going to take a while to get comfortable with the keyboard; so far i keep having to correct typos. So its not perfect.

Im actually writing from my brothers iPhone; we went and picked them up here in san diego an hour after the iLosers cleared out. I cant believe people were paying for spots in line.. There was no shortage of iphones whatsoever. I’ll activate mine when i get back.. I hope it turns out to be a good device.. It certainly has potential.

Ok enough for now im sure you’ll get more from me on the iphone later.

ACL 2007 Lineup

The official 2007 Austin City Limits Festival Band Lineup has been released! No more ACL rumors… for another year anyhow.

Fans of popular and indie music will be treated with an extremely diverse lineup. As previously discovered, thanks to the ACL Crossword Puzzle, acts like the White Stripes and Bjork where already known… but now the full list is out. Here’s a sample of the acts:

Bob Dylan and His Band
The White Stripes
The Killers
Arcade Fire
My Morning Jacket
Queens of the Stone Age
Bloc Party
Artic Monkeys
Gotan Proect
Joss Stone
Damien Rice
Robert Earl Keen
Lucinda Williams
Blue October
Indigo Girls
The Decemberists
Paolo Nutini
Regina Spektor
Amy Winehouse
Crowded House
Steve Earle
Ziggy Marley
Stephen Marley
Kaiser Chiefs
LCD Soundsystem
Amos Lee
Ben Kweller
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Andrew Bird
Bela Fleck & the Flecktones

for the full lineup >>

>> ACL 3 Day Passes
>> ACL Fest Friday Tickets
>> ACL Fest Saturday Tickets
>> ACL Fest Sunday Tickets

How to Beat A Speeding Ticket for $50

speeding is… fun… but dangerous… and when you get caught it’s expensive. seriously, i speed a lot more than most the people i know. thanks to good old mom and dad 🙂 whom i remember driving 90mph in DFW and on I20 all the time when i was a young’n. since those days it seems like the rest of the world just has no sense of urgency when getting from point a to point b… hehe. don’t worry i do slow down from time to time on a country drive, especially in the winding Texas hill country.

anyhow… my dad told me for years and years… when you get a speeding ticket, you just pay a lawyer some nominal fee and they’ll get the ticket dismissed. he always told me this after i had told him i just paid a ticket or had to take defensive driving… and before i got my next ticket (i’m forgetful obviously, cause i’ve had plenty-o-tickets).

so a month ago i got a speeding ticket while up in Hurst… headed out to a Mavericks game, which was much better than the thumping they took last night from the GS Warriors :(. the ticket was gonna cost me $248 for 10+ MPH over the speed limit… c’mon i didn’t feel like i was in danger or that i was endangering anyone else on the road. o yeah, in fact i had just passed some idiot who was actually backing up on the road… yeah this nuthead was in reverse! anyhow the copper topper saw me… not the real reckless driver.

anyhow… finally… i remembered to get a ‘traffic attorney’!! i saved big bucks 🙂 the legal fee was $50 flat, and i was already late to report on the ticket… but no worries there hadn’t been a warrant issued yet. even if there had been a warrant out… the legal fees would’ve still been much cheaper than paying the ticket.

so how does it work… my understanding is that the attorney calls up the courthouse and asks for “probation” the court says “sure”… then you just don’t get another ticket within the same county for 3 months and it will be dismissed.

so the moral to this story…. speeding is dangerous… but, with this new found knowledge it doesn’t have to be as expensive as it has been for however long you’ve been paying the tickets and taking defensive driving!


March Madness is here

march… what a month… st. patricks day… spring break… and basketball! the weather starts to turn from the cold dreary days and the sun begins to stay out a little later. i love it! not as much as june, but it’s a great turn of seasons. the weather is nice down here in austin with 100% chance of getting better 😀

as for basketball… march madness is all about college basketball. if you’re looking to attend a basketball tourney check out >>

as for st pattys and spring break… we’ll just have to see what trouble we can get into and stay out of!