Bocktoberfest 2006 (Godsmack, Blue October, Pat Green & more)

last saturday, October 14th, i was out at Shiner’s Bocktoberfest… and had a blast! good food, good music and of course beer provided by Shiner’s own Spoetzl Brewery. this year was my 2nd time to go down and i’m predicting many more trips in the future. this year the lineup included Pat Green, Blue October and Godsmack. this year we got rained on just slightly during Pat Greens set, other than that the weather was very nice. come down next year and check it out… i promise it’s well worth the $40 ticket!!

o i do have to add this… getting in the gates this year was slower than it should have been… so if anyone that actually has anything to do with organizing Bocktoberfest is reading this… please have more gates and/or security personnel next year!! it wasn’t horrible, but it was less than ideal.