Blue Man Group Tour

i finally saw the Blue Man Group here in Austin… now you gotta go check them out! i’ve wanted to check out their las vegas act for a while, but the last several times i’ve been i haven’t for one reason or the other… which reminds me… DON’T PAY TO SEE Le Reve at the WYNN… i got tickts for $45 each (usually $100) using a discount code… the seats were great… but the show was definitely not Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere quality (go see Mystere if you’re set on a Cirque du Soleil show). < < sorry for the rant... just trying to help you people save time and money. anyhow... go check out Blue Man Group... that is if you want some really rockin percussion heavy entertainment... mixed with some off-the-wall comedy. it's loud, it's colorful... it's a lot of fun! also, Tracy Bonham is touring with the group and picking up several of the vocal parts. she did a short opening act too... which was a very pleasant surprise. that girl can really play a violin... she jammed it out pretty good... my fave was when she cranked ac/dc's back in black (on violin of course, with some drums from the BMG guys). she played an interesting swing/country mix of Beyonces Crazy in Love... but the crowd fave was Mother Mother. all together a great show and with touring ticket prices appearing to be cheaper than vegas prices well worth checking out the touring act if you get a chance!