TicketCity.com has a new website

as some of you know i’ve been working very hard the last several months on a major re-creation of the TicketCity.com website. i’m happy to announce that the new site is ALIVE!! we’ve built an architecture that will give us amazing scalability and increase time-to-market for new features big-time. our competitors i’m sure don’t have any clue what they’re up against, but i promise that they are up against the monster!! we’ve still got a lot of performance tuning and basic features to work in… so there are still going to be a ton of changes over the next 2 weeks… so if u think the site might be a little slow or missing some ‘basic’ features here and there… don’t think that we don’t know or have forgotten… we just felt confident that we had enough of the site solid enough to replace our old site.

i’d love to list out all the new features we’ve added… but for any onlooking competitors i’ll just let them take the time to look for themselves 🙂

anyhow.. i’m relieved, happy and looking forward to taking the site to the next level!!