Google Sidebar

well if u haven’t heard about Google Talk < << read about it! but perhaps an overlooked new feature recently released from Google is an updated Google Desktop 2, which includes a Sidebar. so now u know that Google has released an instant messaging and VOIP (Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol)) client and also a new Google Sidebar

3 thoughts on “Google Sidebar

  1. HEY, I’m catching up!!!

    I saw your post about the new Google Desktop, figured I would have to try it out.

    Although the first version was cool, I never used it much, actually at all. I try to stay orginized with my files and such, so I kinda know where everthing is already.

    But now I have the new version loaded up, and man, is it cool!

    I still dont use the indexing/searching very much, cause again, I pretty much know where all my stuff is. But the other panels on the Sidebar are awesome.

    The coolest ones are the Photos, Gmail and the What’s Hot (i think). It is the one that finds RSS feeds from pages you looked at and adds them there. Very cool. A good way to show the real power of RSS.

    Now I can keep up with all y’alls posts with out having to visit the sites all the time. But I do anyways…. 🙂

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