Bad vs Good Google SEO

in the world of SEO you often have to choose whether or not to use only “good seo tactics” or to also utilize “bad seo tactics”

when i say good or bad… i mean tactics that are deemed acceptable and non-acceptable by the major search engines. Google would be at the top of that list.

just a couple of days ago BMW got caught by Goog for “cloaking”… rot row… that’s a “bad” tactic.

truth is… bad tactics work… until u get caught. sometimes they work extremely well and u can make a bundle of money… but once the well is dry… u have to cap it.

i can tell u this… i’d hate to be the BMW Webmaster right about now… u think his neck might be on the chopping block?? who knows maybe BMW was using a 3rd party for search engine optimization… think BMW isn’t going to try to sue the heck out of them (which they would probably lose)… but i’d still hate to be that 3rd party.

next time u are considering a tactic for seo be sure u r educated enough to know that what u are going to do is ‘good’ and ‘acceptable’ by the major search engines… and be sure that if u use a 3rd party that u bring up things like BMW getting banned from Google with your seo specialist and make it clear that u don’t want something like that happening to you (by any means of the specialist) and that u want it agreed to contractually. and believe me there are search engine optimization specialists, for example Austin SEO Company, that do look after their clients best interests in such matters.

One thought on “Bad vs Good Google SEO

  1. Oh, man. That would be a horrible thing to happen! I was glad you posted this and to have learned of it. Before I have thought to do pretty much this exact thing.

    I did not intend to be malicious, or dupe the SEs. I was just thinking you could totally stream line a page for the type of visitor. Say not display some elements for search engine bots like flash or images.

    Just as if altering the display for a text only browser such as Lynx.

    But after seeing this, I wouldn’t change one thing for the bots. I mean, they will ignore what they don’t care for anyways.

    Great Article!

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