Report Search Engine Spam to Yahoo, MSN and Google

a client that we do web hosting for was wanting to report a competitors spam tactics to the various major search engines (i call them the big 3… kinda like Ford,GM,Chrysler were once dubbed, but for the new online information age). anyhow, i figured i’d share these links with everyone in case you ever get an urge to tattle on your competitors for doing the things u want to do… but have to much respect for the online community or too much fear from being banned* to do yourselves.



MSN: You can do a search for each phrase the site is ranked on, and then click the link near the bottom of the page that says “Help us improve.” Or, you can submit via this form:

4 thoughts on “Report Search Engine Spam to Yahoo, MSN and Google

  1. Was just thinking about this the other day. Good info to have. Hope no one turns me in 😉 j/k



  2. Does it really work? Will they do anything to stop the spammer?

    I noticed that when you turn somebody or company in for licensing issues that not much happens. So I was just wondering if it is the same case when turning in somebody for spamming.

  3. haha… well… i know for a fact, in certain circumstances Google does indeed take action.

    now as for organizations such as the BSA and serious software licensing abuse… i’ve heard that not much happens… ????

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