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Run Your Car Through A Wall

u ever have one of those days where you just feel like driving your car through a 3 foot tall rock wall at your nearby Lubys??? i don’t think that was the intentions of the woman who drove her car through such a wall… but maybe…

some friends at work happened to be driving by after the carnage and Ronny (a superb network admin) snapped a very clean pic with his camera phone as they were driving back to work from lunch.

so if you think you’re having a bad day today just remember not to make it any worse by placing your vehicle in ‘drive’ instead of ‘reverse’ and then PUNCHING the gas!

buckle up

Broken Waterline at Apartment

a few weeks back a water line busted in like 3 places in my apartments parking lot. i got some pictures with my phone… my fave was the water fall over stairs going down towards somebodys front porch. the water flowed down through the complex like a river… and luckily i don’t think anyones apartment was damaged.

btw i need a good plugin for inserting images into my posts… anyone have a suggested plugin??