Google’s Desktop Search

Google has officially released their desktop search tool >>

as much of a google fan and user i am, can u believe i haven’t used it yet. it has been in beta for a while. i personally have held off just because of the privacy issues. i haven’t got to play with it in a controlled environment, which i hope to do soon, and i know that there are some issues i personally want to be crystal clear on before i install it myself.

it certainly sounds like a great tool, considering Windows search STINKS… it’s SLOW SLOW SLOW… almost anything would/could be better.

the best thing about Google’s offiicial release is the fact that they have published an SDK >>

so, now u know if u didn’t already… let me know if you’ve used it, been using it or if u r like me and holding off for a bit; and if you are using it, what do you think about it?

2 thoughts on “Google’s Desktop Search

  1. looks like me and you are on the same page. I have held off trying it as well, but would like to hear some feedback first. so I’m all ears.


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