hey MSN Search is down!

how does that happen i wonder? u gotta do something bad to bring down the search engine of a company with enough money to eliminate tight bandwith and server power.

their unavailable page should be a blue screen of death… just for giggles… hehe.

if this works… perhaps it provides more stable alternatives:
web search

6 thoughts on “MSN Search UNAVAILABLE

  1. well, seems to be working now. pretty wild that it was unavailable. I can’t ever remember not being able to pull a search engine up.

  2. it worked for me, must have not been to long. still nuts. i read an article on cnet the other day about google’s reason for sucess was good hardware, replication, expectantcy of failure daily but being able to recover quickly and without a hitch. It was a good read.. I will look for it. I’m sure you read it buster, i know your a advocate.


  3. yeah i def gave that one a read… and yes u r right… cnet’s is awesome… def one of my top 20 sites on the web, and maybe even one of my top 10 sites.

    yeah MSN was down for me going thru diff proxies for atleast 10 minutes… too bad u didnt get to see it. it was kinda funny.

  4. haha… did u see m$n’s results for ‘web search’… hahahahahaha they absolutely stink… those are the lamest results i could imagine! wow i guess they want m$n users to think that msn search is sooooo much better than the alternatives… haha

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