Arnold’s Latest Movie

i had to blog this… on Conan O’Brien he had a skit where he showed pics of celebs and had their answers to various questions… and here was one that cracked me up:

Question > What do you desire the end of more than anything?

Tim Robbins Answer > The end of the war in Iraq.

Whoopi Goldberg Answer > The end of all prejudices.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Answer > The end of this Governor movie I’m making!

lol.. o it cracked me up.

2 thoughts on “Arnold’s Latest Movie

  1. hehe… that is great! I love the Arnold bits on Conan. Conan really rocks! I especially like when he is interviewing Arnold, on the screen with his lips cut out and someone mouthing for him. Those are some of the funnest things I have ever seen. The crazy voice the guy tries to do is hilarious.

    my robot clone army eats consitutions for breakfast!

    good stuff

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