Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Developer Toolbar Download

this is post is for my fellow web coders… i tested the Beta 2 of the IE Developer Toolbar and it’s nice. i’m pretty sure firefox has had this stuff for a while… but considering that IE still dominates the browser world (in terms of end-users) it’s nice to have these slick features available for a blue collar type (m$ developer) such as myself.

i thought at first the toolbar wouldn’t play nice with the Google toolbar… but i just needed to disable the Google toolbar and then re-enable it (not an uncommon thing when loading up multiple toolbars in IE (i know i know you firefox cronies are thinking ‘see IE sux’ haha… o well). it works nice so check it out dev’s.

o yeah be on the look out for the upcoming Internet Explorer 7… the beta 2 for that is out now >>

6 thoughts on “Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Developer Toolbar Download

  1. downloaded and installed. nice addition. FF did have something similar, and I loved it – however I use IE more than FF these days. So this is a great addition.


  2. Thanks Buster for once again another useful tool. I do use ff but not near as much as I use IE.

    I’ll download and try it out. Let you know how it went later.

  3. Man, I added a comment and now it’s not here and I was really clever. Did you delete it!?!? 🙂

    Looks like a useful tool, I’ll have to d/l it at home. Unfortunately I can’t install such useful things at work without going through about 1,000 rolls of red tape.

  4. wow sorry casey i didnt know that i deleted a comment from you… sorry… might have gotten caught up with all the spam i get 🙁

  5. Do you really get spam Buster?

    I have lost a couple of comments that I’ve left on your blog before.

    I’m going to implement something pretty cool on my site very soon…there will be something new when you post a comment…coming soon, promise.

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