Flight of the Conchords are crashing my server :(

a while back i blogged about the flight of the conchords… after i saw them on a hilarious 30 minute hbo special. that was well before they got their own weekly show on hbo. that posts has some mp3’s i found from the show… and over the last year and a half since that post i’ve served up several downloads… but lately my webserver has been getting hit like crazy. so many downloads of “business time” and “hip-hop-apotamus vs the rhymenasaurus” that my hosting company had to freeze up my site for a couple of days. i made some hotlinking restrictions… so hopefully that will take care of the issue… otherwise i’ll have to pull those files off 🙁

anyhow if you haven’t heard of ‘flight of the conchords’ by now you should check them out… they crack me up. their show on hbo is every sunday night… but on youtube there are a bunch of clips of their songs… the ones one their shows are really kinda scaled down… the ones from their stand up routines are mucho better.