Cool iPhone Apps

so earlier this evening i downloaded and installed the new iTunes 7.7 software and also the work-around install for the iPhone 2.0 firmware (for my 1st generation iPhone). the installs were trouble free and easy enough, although i’d say the iPhone firmware update took 15-20 minutes. after resyncing my iPhone i started exploring the iPhone App Store. there are a lot of apps, free apps, apps for as cheap as 99 cents and i think i saw a few apps for as much as $59.99. i didn’t buy any apps but i did install a few free ones that i found to be pretty cool… and i held myself back from buying the Super Monkey Ball game for $9.99 although it seems like it’d be the coolest game currently in the iPhone app store, since it utilizes the way cool accelerometer.

here’s a few free iPhone apps that i grabbed:

WeatherBug – nice interface with more info than the standard iPhone weather app. i wasn’t happy to see that you could only save 3 locations though that limitation needs to go away.

iTunes Remote – an official Apple app that allows you to remote control the iTunes software from your iPhone. this is a really nice feature. now that i have this capability i’m going to get iTunes installed on my media pc in the living room theater (currently just using Yahoo unlimited).

AOL Radio – this is iPhone app is going to be used a lot at work 🙂 finally an app that will give me access to the talk radio shows and music stations around the country without needed to stream via our company bandwidth (which is a precious commodity). no more reliance on my iPhone’s 8Gb drive of limited music and stale podcasts.

Pandora Radio – if you don’t know about Pandora you’re missing out on more than you can imagine. Pandora is one of the coolest music related websites ever and now it’s on my iPhone. this app too will be used extensively while i’m working.

BoxOffice – very cool iPhone app for looking up movie times and nearby theaters. nuff said, it’ll be handy.

Jott – tomorrow i’ll actually play with this, but it looks like a nice app for voice recordings. seems like a better solution for notes than the ‘notes’ app since you don’t have to type (except to label the recording)

so there ya go, a few ideas for iPhone apps you should check out. in the not too distant future i hope to have a couple iPhone apps of my own creation on the App Store. i’m not saying what they are yet… but i’ll definitely post about them once they’re actually completed.

ok i’m tired and it’s late so i’m crashing.