iPhone glass repair in Austin Texas

so last week i shattered the glass on my iPhone 🙁 i was not happy. i knew it wasn’t going to be cheap to fix. i could’ve tried the many do it yourself (DIY) iPhone glass repairs available on YouTube and the various forums. i could’ve paid Apple $249 to refurbish it. ultimately i decided as much fun as it might be to crack open my iPhone myself and dink around with it, i really just wanted it back to working condition asap. so i started googling for ‘iPhone glass repair in Austin’ and ‘iPhone glass replacement in Austin’ and there were many unhelpful listings. i mean, there were a lot of iPhone repair listings, but they were all for companies that want you mail your iPhone to them. that is not what i wanted or needed. there was a paid ad for a company that i ended up going to.. All Wireless Repair. i wasn’t thrilled about their price, ended up costing $139 after tax, but i was extremely impressed with the turnaround time. it took less than 2 minutes. i didn’t have to worry about backing up my data and i barely had enough time to browse through the bass boat magazine they had in the lobby. anyhow, the guys working there were cool and if you’re in Austin and looking for iPhone glass repair i totally recommend them.