Garmin Phone, Real iPhone Rival?

google android? no, garmin nuvifone. that’s right garmin, a long time maker of consumer gps products is near releasing their new smartphone, iphone contender called nuvifone. since the 2nd generation iphone was released with true gps capabilities i have been waiting for garmin to release an iphone app specifically to step up the value of the gps feature of the iphone. i guess my wait was in vain as it seems that garmin has chosen to put its efforts in competing head on with the iphone rather than settling for ‘the most useful iphone app ever’. i gotta say, it’s not gonna be an easy battle… the iphone is pretty slick with many many many features. but, i wish garmin the best of luck and i’ll be keeping an eye on their product line.

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Garmin nuvifone
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Garmin iPhone Rival - nuvifone