2009 March Madness Bracket Predictions

March Madness Bracket

let march madness begin! i’ve decided to try to pick the winners this year. to be honest i don’t watch college basketball… too many games. so, watch me pick perfect 🙂 nah i very seriously doubt it, especially after hearing that there is big prize money available for anybody that picks perfect. evidently there are even math wizards at universities like MIT trying to develop systems for picking perfect. it seems that buzzer beaters ruin any kind of mathematical logic. i’m personally not suprised; wasn’t it coach mack brown who said prior to the greatest college football national championship game EVER “we don’t have to be the best team ever, we just need to be the best team tonight”.. to paraphrase. so in my picks you might notice i’ve included a couple of upsets, however nothing drastic.. just a few buzzer beaters that i think could play out. i guess if i have any kind of luck, because no doubt that’s exactly what it’ll be, i might have to join one of the endless pool invites.

so here’s how i’m seeing it go down… sorry longhorns (prove me wrong please!) but i’m taking UNC all the way.

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below are my failed 2009 predictions..

2009 March Madness Bracket Predictions