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iPhone 2.0 – 3G, GPS, 3rd Party Apps on July 11th 2008

it’s been announced… straight from Steve Jobs himself. the new iPhone planned for release on July 11th will not only have 3G (which should’ve been included on version 1 imho) but more importantly it will indeed have native GPS!! with the open SDK and soon launching App Store this device is a bargain at what the old iPhone sold for. but hold up… the iPhone 2.0 is going to retail for $299 for 16GB and $200 for an 8GB. yeah that is cheap. afterall what’s a decent GPS only device running these days… $200+

sorry Apple haters… they’ve once again pushed themselves out to the cutting edge… and for once their not pricing themselves out of the lions share consumers. i dunno about all you other windows developers but my plans to dabble in the world of iPhone development just bumped up a notch on my endless todo list.

here are some great blogs that ran live during Steve Jobs keynote

iPhone Rebates, Price Reductions & Credits for Early Adapters

Steve Jobs and Apple have decided to start selling iPhones for $399 (for 8GB models) that were originally $599 barely 2 months ago.

Some early adapters are furious… i’m sure. i’m ok with it. i don’t usually get technology early for this very reason… that’s life. at least there is promise of $100 in Apple credit for folks like myself.

i knew the whole ‘refurbished’ iphones for $499 was a crock… it seems like Apple might have shaky knees about the number of units they’re moving. i’m guessing the first month of sales were huge… as widely reported… and then the bottom fell out. afterall when the smoke settled the people waiting for days before the iphone release got their iphone a whopping 3 hours before me… when i casually walked into an Apple store and plucked 1 of a gazillion from the wall.

anyhow, here’s Steve Jobs trying to keep the angry early adapters settled:

iPhone Review

ok so i’ve had my iPhone since day 1… whenever that was… of course i didn’t activate until 5 days later… no rush when you’re on vacation 🙂 and i figure it’s time i share my personal opinions for anyone who cares. i’ve also got some great iphone links to share.

so the phone has many more pros than cons… but the price tag is the biggest con. once you get past that, you’re getting a great device. the phone… works… surprise nothing special there. however, voicemail, contact management and interface are all absolutely superior to other devices. there’s a lot of things you can do with the iphone… just as a phone that other phones don’t do. big deal huh.

how about the iphone music player.. next gen iPod.. it’s great more features… but hey… it plays music… cool it works like expected. big deal huh.

web browsing… ahh… now we’re talking. personally i don’t like reading off small screens but when you can zoom in the way that the iphone lets you zoom… small screens do not mean small text. in other words this feature is a big deal. i browse all over the place now… it’s nice truly being able to be connected to the information superhighway practically all the time!

calculator… haha… ok nevermind. there’s lots of good stuff so i like it. you may not be an apple fan or a $600 phone fan… but with a lil more time… you’ll either be using one or a clone… unless you want to end up like your grandparents with the blinking 12:00 on the vcr 🙂

so what are people searching for that’s iphone related: iphone reviews, iphone forums, aple iphone? aplle iphone? applie iphone?

so do i recommend that you get one… only if you’re rich and/or really nerdy and/or an apple worshiper and/or have anything to do with website development… or if u just want one… who am i to stop you.

here are some links you might wanna look at:

>> iphone hacks

>> refurbished iphones ($100 cheaper than a new iphone)

200 Million Dollars in Profit for Apples iPhone (1st week)

If you took the survey on my site, asking if the iPhone would succeed or fail… and you said fail… you’re very wrong so far. I’m personally surprised how well AAPL (Apple Computers) is doing with the iPhone… and i own one!! I didn’t think their margins were as strong as they evidentally are. I mean $600 isn’t chump change (not for this chump) but you get a decent chunk of technology for that price… lacking only in the hard-drive space aspect.

1 week after the hyped release… and way too many circulating iPhone commercials… AAPL stock rises for good reason as Steve Jobs pushes Apple to edge yet again with a product that is expected to go into the history books as one of the fastest selling consumer electronics products ever.

$200,000.00+ that’s just insane! >> source >> techcrunch

I know my brother is happy he didn’t listen to all my cuatious but neutral opinions (he’d say pessimisstic naysaying) about holding Apples stock during a risky but definitive moment in Apple’s history. I don’t see that stock coming down… UNLESS… people like me start having hardware problems. Let’s hope not!!!

Blogging from an iPhone

This is my first blog from an iPhone. It’s a sleek device, but its going to take a while to get comfortable with the keyboard; so far i keep having to correct typos. So its not perfect.

Im actually writing from my brothers iPhone; we went and picked them up here in san diego an hour after the iLosers cleared out. I cant believe people were paying for spots in line.. There was no shortage of iphones whatsoever. I’ll activate mine when i get back.. I hope it turns out to be a good device.. It certainly has potential.

Ok enough for now im sure you’ll get more from me on the iphone later.

Will the iPhone Succeed or Fail

are you saving your pennies for a new iPhone… or are you mocking those who are? a lot of people are predicting the iPhone to take Apple to new heights while others are predicting a horrible future for the product. some people are buying all the Apple stock they can get their hands on… some are just trying to raise enough money to buy the actual device 🙂

some say the iPhone is a doomed convergence device… that convergence devices rarely succeed… and that the iPhone is going to be nothing like the iPod was/is for Apple.

personally i think the iPhone is no more a convergence device than the PC… in fact that’s all the iPhone is… it’s the first truly feature rich handheld PC. whether or not version 1 of the iPhone succeeds the iPhone will succeed in pushing PC’s to a place that Microsoft has not been able to in the last 7 or 8 years. maybe Apple stock bombs… and they have to go back to the drawing board as Nokia and Motorola and Samsung finally build devices that require more than $3.12 to bring to market… while M$ figures out a way to get it’s bloated resource hogging OS to work on such a ‘small’ hard-drive (8 gigabytes). the good thing is… at least somebody is doing it… multi sense touch screen… wireless internet… and applications that i really want access to while i’m out and about.

what about you, what do you think?

Seamless Display on Multiple Computer Monitors

if you’re still using a single computer monitor at work or the house you really need to step it up… but before you simply upgrade to dual monitors or even a three screen setup… or go out and get a mega wide screen… you gotta check out Seamless Display monitors. this is what i need… well maybe i want it more than i need it, but still i could be extra productive at work and you could really improve the quality of my home usage too. check out the future of multiple monitors >>

Radius 320 Monitor (Multiple Computer Monitors)

Horizon 320 Monitor (Multiple Computer Monitors)

Apple TV $299 Now Shipping

it’s out now, the set top box from Apple known as AppleTV. the reviews are mixed, but for the most part it seems that this is the best product of it’s kind that has been released… that’s a trend apple hopes to keep moving forward. i’m seriously considering a purchase for myself on this one. i’ve been wanting a nice way to remote control my ipod, while it’s plugged into my home theater, and the solutions that were previously available just kinda sucked. the appletv would be an overpriced solution for just remoting my ipod, but having access to the itunes library might prove to be worth it. i dunno tho… i already have movies on demand through my cable provider (time warner) and a blockbuster@home video subscription that already tends to provide more video than i seem to ever have time for… so i dunno. anyhow, just wanted to spread the word about the appletv, i think a lot of people are gonna love it. (aapl)

more info >>